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  1. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knows if belt tensioner's for the fan belt and alternator are quite easy to fit or not? Thanks, Lauren
  2. Noisy, Smelly Cat On Focus St170

    Probably does, mine's done 105,000! Oops! I have pretty much rebuilt this car since buying it nearly 2 years ago, fingers crossed this will be the last repair for a while! Thanks
  3. Noisy, Smelly Cat On Focus St170

    Brill, thanks, the ebay one is the exact one I'm looking at Thanks
  4. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Hi, This trick can be found on www.fordst170.co.uk and it does work: Self Diagnostics Mode The Self Diagnostics Mode gives you in-depth information about your engine and the actual numbers in digital. To use it, follow the steps: * Insert Key but do not turn it on * Press and hold the Trip Meter Reset Button * While holding the reset button, start your car and continue holding the button * Within 10 seconds, the display should change to "test" in LCD font and the needles will do a full sweeping. Release the Button Pressing the button will now cycle through some 17 different modes * 1.Shows a Gauge Sweep * 2. Shows all 8's on the LCD (LCD TEST) * 3. Illuminates all the bulbs on the dash * 4. Displays hexadecimal value for ROM level * 5. Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level * 6. Shows DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) * 7. Digital Speedometer - mph * 8. Digital Speedometer - kph * 9. N/A * 10. Digital tachometer * 11.Fuel volume * 12. Engine coolant temperature * 13. Battery voltage * 14. ABS fail * 15. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) failure * 16. Illumination * 17. Crank Sense The listing of the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) from Number 6 above can be found on the DTC Codes page to view the list of codes and its meanings of it. List of DTC codes can be found here as well: http://www.fordst170.co.uk/dtc-codes.php
  5. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help. I've got a very poorly cat on my 52 plate ST170. I rang my local Ford dealer today and they quoted me £908 for the full cat or £135 for the flexi pipe! I have already had a quote for a full cat from an independent garage at £342 fitted. I've looked on google for the part I need and I think I've found it just need anyone to clarify it for me as the price is drastically different from the price Ford quoted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lauren