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  1. Abs Module Failure

    i think i posted your comment back again i was meant to say: Hi Geoff i'm emily i had the same problem as you back in march! i am currently taking Ford to court over it! as i have my car on finance and it was off the road due to failure of mot because of the abs module! i went through my dads mate to get it fixed which cost me 850 pound as i need a car and could not afford to have it off the road and ford refused to pay for the repair as my car was out of warranty and said that it was down to wear and tear! i also have a 56 reg and this should not be happening on this car! we are in the process of going to court to claim back the money and win the case i will keep updated
  2. Abs Module Failure

    hiya i had all the same problems as you have described, my car was also just out of warranty although my mot was after the abs broke and my car failed its mot because of this reason so is now declared off the road becuase it is not yet fixed. i also lease my car on finace paying montly for a car i cant use so it is very frustrating. i have not yet managed to get ford to pay for my bill i have currently sent them 6 letters and am in the process of a complaint we currently have laywers involved and may have to go to court as i cannot afford 700 pound to get it replaced. also they are charging you more than you should be to get it replaced my advice to you is to write a letter of complaint to ford as they are aware of this problem even though they wont admit to it. they under the consumer law have to pay for it it is not down to you please let me know how you get on also i will let you know how i do Emily
  3. hey no i'm afraid they told me mine was far from repairable and that i would definatly need a new unit replacing x
  4. Hey john i have had exactly the same problem with my car since january ford have refused to pay for it and as i lease my car from them they are liable for the repair we are currently going through a complaint with ford which may lead to court. my car is currently off the road as failed mot because of this problem and i cannot tax it either it is very inconvient. i have just taken my car to ecutesting and they have proved that it is an inherient fault. so i do recommend that you take you car there let me know how u get on emily x
  5. Thanks again LS, i was hoping they would having thousands coming in then they may consider to sort out my car for me! hopefully it will be big like toyota! then maybe i will be listened to. if you hear any more news at any point please post thanks
  6. Yes thanks again LS, i was hoping that they may eventually have thousands so i can get my problem sorted! i hope i have a case with ford.. or eventually it does become major like toyota! so i can finally drive my car again! if u have any more news at any point please post thanks
  7. Thankyou LS Auto Repair that has helped as you have said you have dealt with many. ford will not accept its a problem so i am gathering proof. yes have been to fords very unhelpful and have only offered 10 percent! 70 pound in vouchers which does not solve the problem.. will probably be taking legal action as in my rights under sales good act i believe i am not liable for the repair. thankyou for your help x
  8. Abs Module Failure

    Hi, three months ago my speedo stopped working and had abs light come on, handbrake light come on, milege stopped working etc etc, i took my car to ford which is a ford fiesta 1.25 06 reg they charged me 80 pound to find out the problem with my car, told me it was an abs module failure and i would need to pay 700 pound for a new one to be fixed! i lease my car from ford monthly which i have done for 2 years now, yet apparently i am liable for this repair. it has happened just outside of warranty, but as far as im concerened this should not be going wrong on a car that is four years old and the fact that i am leasing the car and they still want me to pay 700 pound to replace the abs as apparently i am liable for this repair i am very angry with. am currently in a dispute with ford about this but they do not accept that they are liable and say that they have never seen this fault before, however i have googled and found that it has been a common problem on ford fiestas. very frustrating and may be obtaining legal advice. would be great if anyone else with the same or similar problem could get back to me as would like to know how you have got on or any advice you could give me would be great! my car has failed mot and is not legal to drive, cant afford to get it fixed and have no car at present :( any replies would be great thanks emily x
  9. hi all , i have had exactly the same problems, if you are experiencing handbrake light, abs and warning lights and no speedo working its an abs module failure, mine stopped working 3 months ago took to ford which cost 70 pound and they said i had an abs module failure said it would cost me 700 pound to fix. i dont have that sort of money lying around and am in dispute with ford at present as i lease the car from them also. they will not accept that it is an underlying problem and said i am liable for all costs and repair. am going to be obtaining legal advice as this seems to be a common problem with fiestas which ford will not accept. would love to hear from other people experiencing same problems! Emily x