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  1. Happy Birthday Solaris!

  2. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    Yeah I was thinking of doing something like that but don't wanna go overboard as I know I'll never have the skill to make it look perfect and would be worried about making a larger area look worse. I was thinking about picking up this car polisher from halfords... http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_188980_langId_-1_categoryId_165640#tab3 And then using some polish on that area to smooth everything out. Would that work? Anyone recommend a better polisher in that price range? And what polish would you recommend to get the job done best? Either way I think i'll leave it like this for a few weeks, till my next pay, then might get the polisher to try and improve the appearance, at least by then there might be some better weather to cope with, I've been extremely lucky the last couple of days here to avoid the rain.
  3. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    Today I went over with the Sea Grey paint. Just need to go over again another day with the Clear Lacquer but I think this is about as good as it's gonna look. Not great but better than before and the main reason I did it was to prevent rust.
  4. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    I managed to make a start on this today. Filled the deep dent with filler and painted over the rest with the grey primer.
  5. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    No the bumper seems fine, the scratches to the left of the bumper in the image are from a separate incident when someone must have grazed my car while it was parked. Anyway today I picked up the repair kit from halfords along with some cheap filler, not sure if I'll use the filler but got it just in case. I'm not really looking to get it done professionally as I'm a bit short on money right now and my car is far from pristine now all through no fault of my own, so it would feel like a waste of money. As long as it's reasonable and protected from rust I'll be satisfied. Hopefully it's a dry weekend and I can give it a try. Thanks for all the advice from everyone. I'll post a picture of my hopefully not too awful attempt once it's done.
  6. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    I've reserved this from halfords... http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_391939_langId_-1_categoryId_165580 I'm assuming it has everything I need, just hope there is enough filler there for the dent. I also reserved a can of the sea grey spray and a can of clear lacquer just in case.
  7. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    I took a photo of the damage in case anyone was wondering...
  8. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    In a perfect world where insurance policies were actually fair I might do that, but the damage is so minor, relatively, that I really don't feel it's worth the effort/stress and eventually money that making a claim with them will cost me. A couple of years ago while a passenger in my fathers car at a roundabout a lady rammed into the back side of the car, obviously not looking where she was going. This was clearly her fault and there was no disputing this with the insurance companies. My father later got a letter from them with a cheque for £250 saying they will pick up his car as it was a write off. Really the damage was minor, just small dents and scratches, which he decided to fix himself and told the insurance company what they could do with their cheque. Anyway the point of that story, the next time his insurance renewal came up, despite not actually going through with a claim and having a protected no claims bonus, he was charged an extra £100, and that was by the cheapest insurer on any comparison site. The reason was down to a "notification only". Basically simply notifying your insurance company of any sort of accident increases your insurance premium, which I'm sure would then carry on for a good few years, and even different insurers had knowledge of this notificaiton. I'd much rather just pay the £20 or so for some filler and spray and take the time to do the job myself.
  9. A Good Place To Get Top Up Paint?

    Thanks for the replies. Have you tried the touchup kit yourself? I was looking at it on halfords and was wondering how much you can actually do with it? It claims to be for small stone chips, would there be enough paint/filler to fix a dent/scatch a couple of inches long? Also is there any reputable sellers you buy from on ebay? Thanks
  10. Today on my drive home some idiot bus driver cut me up and ended up grazing the front left of my car, he didn't stop and at the time I thought it sounded very minor and to be honest don't want my insurance premium to rise, so I didn't try to stop him/her. Anyway there is now a narrow dent a few inches long, I'm fine with it as I don't want to spend the money for a repair right now, but the problem is the paint has been grazed off completely, right down to the metal. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good place to get some paint which i could use to repair the paint myself, to avoid rust. I could take a picture later but right now it's dark and raining heavy. My car is an MK7 titanium with a 58 reg and the colour is Metallic Sea Grey. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. Squeaky Noise While Moving?

    A further update to my squeaking situation. While I haven't used the car much over the past week or so when I do it continues to make a squeaking noise, but it appears it only starts after about 10 minutes of driving, it doesn't happen straight away, and then when stopping for a few minutes and starting again it's gone, only to return after a few minutes driving again. This is making it very difficult for me to diagnose where it's coming from. Another thing I've noticed is when it's making the noise, pointing the wheel right, even fractionally makes the squeaking noise, having it dead straight or to the left doesn't appear to make any noise. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
  12. Squeaky Noise While Moving?

    No I've definitely not hit any curbs or pot holes recently.
  13. Squeaky Noise While Moving?

    After driving around a bit today I've noticed the squeaking/squealing noise seems to be coming when I'm turning right, even slightly. When turning back even slightly left it appears to stop. I should also add after further testing that this doesn't appear to happen when first taking off. Driven around the block a couple of times and no sign of it.
  14. Squeaky Noise While Moving?

    Yes it has been lately due to me being out of work. But is that something that would be making squeaking noises while the brakes are not applied? Also the noise appears to go away for a short time when i press the brakes down hard standing still. Would this still remove rust?
  15. Yesterday I noticed squeaking noises coming from what I'd assume where my wheels while I was driving. It was most noticeable when at slower speeds and sometimes would be extremely loud. After applying the brakes very hard a few times in a row, it seemed to go away. Today it's started again, once again if I apply the brakes very hard it seems to stop for a bit but then comes back. Does anyone have any theories of what this could be?