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  1. Hi - Here is the update on the sign recognition issue. It took Ford from August 2021 to July 2022 to resolve the issue. Had to do a great deal of chasing Ford to get any action. They acknowledged the fault and that it was covered by warranty, but had to refer it to "Ford Technical" to resolve it. After almost 12 months Ford Technical finally came up with a software fix and applied it to the car. The speed sign recognition now works!!!
  2. Still have intermittent working of sign recognition. Have it booked into Ford garage for end of October. Let’s see if they can identify the problem.
  3. Hi - thanks for the tips on loading the new map - I will indeed just put the USB in and use the car.
  4. Looks like yours works okay - which confirms my view tht there is some kind of fault with mine. I am due to download an update to the map, but I gather it needs about 2 hr journey to do this. Hope to do that soon and will see if it makes any difference as i understand the map and sign recognition should work in harmony. Bit of a long shot but it might improve things.
  5. Hi I have recently bought a nearly new Fiesta Vignale (2020 model), and it has speed sign recognition via a camera. Mine is working only intermittently, goes for 10mins or so then it seems to stick for half hour or more then sometimes suddenly comes back to life. Think I may have to book the car into garage under warranty. Anyone else had problems with it? Ford seem to think it should be reliable and the SYNC 3 maps on the Vignale do not show the speed limit and there is no user way of turning them on – so if the sign recognition does not work its easy to be unsure of the speed limit one is in. Any ideas? Could it be the camera at fault? Have made sure windscreen is clean. Is it possible to increase the sensitivity of the camera? This is not a user function but maybe one Ford can do. Anyone know about this? Really appreciate any help or ideas.
  6. I have a feeling you are right and the favourites stay in the order they go in - pitty they can't be sorted it would not be a hard thing to allow the programme to do that. As i said my old Fiesta from 2015 wih a fairly basic satnav was able to sort them alphabetically. Sync 3 has gone a bit backwards in this respect.
  7. Hi have fiesta 2020 with Sync 3. Does anyone know how to put favourite destinations into alphabetical order. I think I came across the menu by accident and now I cannot find it. My old 2015 fiesta had satnav and you could put the favourites in alphabetical order. Grateful for any help. Graham0013.
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