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  1. I wasn't judging the improvement by the temperature. You could physically feel tyne fans blast was much stronger and tyne fans much louder. August ac was a cool breeze like am osolating fan on low setting while this felt like one of those cane of air you clean your keyboard out with. It took a few more attempts but my logic was that the ac compressor may have taken a few seconds to power down after I shut off the fans which then gave back power to the engine
  2. Bought the part you suggested and jobs done! Thanks pal!
  3. So I bought my focus 2008 with the pretense that the aurcon didn't work. The previous owner had it several years and it didn't work when they got it either so it hasn't been run for years. Found out it was due to a cracked pipe which one of you heroes kindly identified for me. Replaced the pipe and got it regassed but was told I may not see much life from it as when they pressure tested they couldn't see my ac compressor kicking in at any point. So when I ran it, the aircon was okay. Quiet fan noise and a cool breeze. That's it. This was in early August when we had that freak heatwave. Fast forward to Friday when it was cold as f**k out and i hasn't ran my ac for over a month. I'd stupidly put the wrong hoodie on and was too hot so thought I'd turn ac on. BOOM. It started BLASTING cold air at me. Nice bit of fan noise and loads of cold air. If the compressor wasn't working then it must be now. Happily driving with AC on for another 10 mins then had to idle on a hill junction and end engine cuts out. I thought I'd stalled as I was riding the clutch like a tw*t rather than using my handbrake. Bear in mind tyne ac continued to blast throughout this tried to turn her over 8 times to no avail. Decided I'd turn off the ac and try again. Three more tries and she flies into life. Ran perfectly fine after that with AC off. SO. A. Did my ac compressor magically start working after being off for years? B. Would the compressor stop the engine starting, yet still be running flawlessly? C. Do I need a new compressor, or a fuse or what?! All advice welcome. Other than don't ride the clutch - I didn't realise that was so bad until I was looking for answers to this. Promise I'll stop that.
  4. Adding additional piggott showing connections
  5. Hi, new owner here! I bought a 2008 1.8 petrol hatchback with broken aircon. Went underneath and found the final part of the aircon pipe is cracked in half. See attached photos. To remove it was a 10mm bolt head to the main unit at the bottom, then a 13mm to detach it from the rear of the pipe. Since removing I've bought the entire pipe System of a matching engine from the breakers but it doesn't have this final pipe. Also tried ebay but can't find any that have this little pipe! Can anyone guide me to what I need to order?! https://imgshare.io/image/20210911-173928.pGSWVx https://imgshare.io/image/20210911-170746.pGSmLj https://imgshare.io/image/20210911-170756.pGSvll
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