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  1. Just in case anyone stumbles upon the same problem, I've found the correct fuse chart for my car and have attached it. Have printed a copy off to go in my manual.
  2. I have no idea why there was no fuse there, if there had been a blown 20A fuse there it would have saved me a lot of bother! I will have to find the correct diagram online. I have put the wire underneath various bits of trim so it's not in the way. I had planned on hardwiring it but was worried about draining the battery as the 12V socket is always powered.
  3. I've put a 20A fuse in 18 and the dashcam is now working, there wasn't a fuse in that position. A little bit worried as the fuse layout says that's the 'Instrument Cluster' and should be a 7.5A fuse. Is the diagram in the manual wrong?
  4. I will have a look at that tomorrow. The manual says 18 is the instruments cluster, I have attached two photos from the manual showing the fuse layout and locations.
  5. I plugged my dashcam into the 12V socket today, there was a big spark and it stopped working. From what I can see I have the Type 1 fusebox and according to the manual the "Cigar lighter" is at position 22 and should be a 20A fuse. Having looked at it, there's an intact Ford original 7.5A fuse in that position. I've swapped it for a known working fuse but no luck. The car is a 2012 Ford Fiesta, pre-facelift. Does anyone know if I've got the correct fuse, should I be looking anywhere else?
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