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  1. Thanks for your help I'll keep you updated, great how To by the way, this is what I followed to get mine 97% complete
  2. Is the hub supposed light up though? I don't have any kind of illumination at all? So do you mean just data transfer I.e usb stick? Thanks for your help
  3. I think I used pin 1 and 4 is that correct? I'll double check it all as soon a si get chance, think I have the USB the incorrect way though, thanks for your help
  4. There's only two wires to connect so I assume so, which side does the mini usb need to be as there's to slots but only one on the back of the apim? I'll double check them when I get chance Also is the steering controls (sync 1) down to programming?
  5. Iv done the retrofit and everything seems to be ok, the USB hub however isn't powered and the steering wheel controls do not work, what could be the possible cause does anyone have any ideas please?
  6. Thankyou kev really appreciate the help
  7. Perfect thankyou, do you have a part number at all for the clock spring? Definitely no programming required? Really appreciate your help and reply.
  8. Hello, sorry to jump on the post so I understand its the steering wheel with airbag and cruise buttons, the time clock and housing I'm assuming indicator and wiper stalk too??? Is there any wiring changes involved or air bag plug issues etc? Also any programming? I have a sync 3 radio in my prefacelift will it still be compatible? Any help appreciated thank you
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