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  1. Many thanks for the replies. The salesman has just got back to me (think he’d been off a couple of days). He apologised for delay in getting back to me and said car should have come with an inflation kit, he said if I pop into their nearest dealers to me, I can pick up an inflation kit, which all sounds good. Downside is, nearest dealers is 1 ½ hrs drive away (3 hours round trip). So think I might just buy a £10 can of Holts Tyreweld from Halfords for time being, then see about getting a spare wheel. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. I’ve just purchased (on 05/09/21) a Ford Fiesta 2019 Active from a Ford Dealer and I’ve just realised it has no spare wheel, no space saver wheel, no tyre inflation kit (also no compressor) and tyres are not run flat. I know this is a used car, but is it acceptable for a Ford Dealer to sell a used car with no means of getting a car going again after a flat tyre? The dealer in question is about 130 miles away, so it’s a bit of a long way to head back there, and I realise this was something I should have picked up on when I purchased the car. I’ve been in contact with the dealer and left several messages for the salesman in question, all so far without any response.
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