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  1. My local Waitrose has had no Mars bars for some weeks. Plenty in local Coops though.
  2. Odd. My PIL says "swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water"! Looking at the very long leaflet, it does say that the tablets have "SL" on one side and "100" on the other. But then who RTFM all the way through? (I've been taking other manufacturers' versions of the pill for ten years or more.)
  3. Just had a phone call back from the manufacturers, where I was told that "75" is actually "SL" and that all the tablets are indeed 100mg. I removed one from the foil and indeed those that had concerned me did have "100" on the other side. I made the point that someone else might be confused and split a second tablet to add to what they thought was a 75mg one. The lady seemed to accept this.
  4. I've got a bit of time on my hands as it was the day after my Covid (Pfizer) and flu jabs. Perhaps a mistake to have them both at once, as my reaction was a little worse than for my first (AZ) jab. I'm taking it easy and didn't feel like my Big Shop this morning. The lady I spoke to was very sweet and patient, but her name suggests that she comes from the Indian sub-continent. I had a lot of trouble grasping her email address and suggested that she email me. Which she did, copying her message to two other people with comparable names. (Makes me wonder whether I was talking to someone based in England.) No acknowledgement yet of the photos I sent. My only real concern is that when I collect my scheduled pills at the end of this month, they'll be mixed doses.
  5. I'm prescribed 100mg tablets for a non-serious condition, with the accompanying leaflet warning against exceeding the stipulated dose. Yesterday I noticed that the blister pack of four contained 75mg x 3 and 100mg x 1 tablets. I queried this with the hard-pressed pharmacist who assured me, via the solitary sales assistant that, as the back of the blister pack said 100mg x 4, then they must all be 100mg. I wasn't convinced and contacted the manufacturers. The link to their email address wasn't working, so I rang them and spoke to a pleasant soft-spoken lady who took down my details and some long reference numbers in small print on the packaging, with mutual misunderstandings about what was needed. She wanted me to post the tablets and packaging to her company, but I pointed out that I needed the tablets and it could become complicated to get a new prescription from my GP. Then she asked me to photograph the blister packs and packaging and email the images to her, which I did. I'm finding it difficult to understand the pharmacist's attitude. Another person might have cut up a second 75mg tablet to take their dose up to their usual 100mg and, if indeed the 75mgs are 100mgs as she says (and I doubt this), this could have led to overdosing.
  6. I had my Covid booster and flu jabs this morning. All straightforward, though I felt for the jabber, processing people at the rate of one very five minutes, and the lady "processing" them as they came in, filling the waiting room to capacity. BTW the lady wasn't wearing a mask, though nearly everyone else was, as requested. A confused old dear wandered in to see if she could be jabbed, and the lady had to exercise even more patience in trying to explain to her that she had to dial 191 to make an appointment.
  7. Marlburian


    Recently one Ford dealer quoted me £265, another £235.
  8. A curious tale from my friend with the Focus. She bought a Haynes manual to determine how to check the oil level in the automatic transmission. "Couldn't you find out how to by Googling?" I asked. She said no, but I found a YouTube tutorial within ten seconds. Then she discovered that it was dry (😧), so took her car to a garage who wanted £70 to put it on a hoist (perhaps to check any consequential damage?), so she and her dad filled it with oil themselves. Perhaps encouraged by the manual, they replaced the spark plugs and she topped up the coolant - but too much so, she reckoned, because instead of the excess draining off the entire reservoir emptied, prompting a warning. She went to Halfords, who refilled the reservoir for free. Lots of 🙄. She drove from London along the M4 to visit me today, but in her other oldish Ford. I know little about these things, but am minded to warn her to check the coolant level before driving and to carry top-up (or even fill-up) water with her.
  9. In good time I've gone ahead with the AA quote - actually the cover is provided by Aviva. A tiny bit vexing that courtesy car, drive another vehicle and driving in Europe were all "fixed" and couldn't be removed - I would need none of these. Before I pressed "submit", I was asked if any insurer had declined me motoring cover, but I decided not to mention that on Tuesday AA itself had said that it couldn't help me when I applied direct.
  10. Unofix: thanks for that. I've relayed your info to my friend, who emailed back to say that "I'm a gem".
  11. I thought that the AA add-on for breakdown cover was almost too good to be true!
  12. My understanding was that after a year some Ford dealers might "inspect" the car for a fee and continue free breakdown cover, but mine doesn't seem to be in the scheme. I've just spent an hour checking out insurers. Curiously when I applied directly on the AA website, it said that it couldn't help me (perhaps because of my age?) Then I accessed it via the Confused.com link, tweaked my details, added roadside recovery (@ £30) and got a combined quote that was cheaper than the original just for car cover. (I lowered the car's value by £1K, changed where it was kept from driveway to garage and increased estimated mileage from 3,000 to 5,000.) I had to try several times to change the start date from the 18th to 22nd, and somehow it was thought that I'd had a particular added alarm system fitted - which I definitely did not specify. With a fortnight to go, I'll check the details again before buying. Going direct to the LV= website got me a quote £38 more than that from Confused.com. And by going through the latter, I get a Halfords voucher.
  13. Thanks for that. I was with Greenflag until I got free roadside assistance when I bought my Fiesta almost a year ago. (Nothing from Ford yet about renewing it, though they did send me a ridiculous insurance quote.) I'm unlikely to be much further than 50 miles from home and with a new car shouldn't need roadside assistance... In 59 years of driving, I've only had to call for roadside assistance once, when a clutch burnt out. Perhaps the biggest risk is needing to change a wheel at the roadside. I've only done that once, when driving the office Vauxhall Viva to an appointment on a damp day. I managed that without besmirching my suite and arrived on time. In contrast I struggled changing a wheel on my Honda Civic at home: very low-slung and difficult to make out where the jacking points were.
  14. Just a casual thought: does buying car insurance and roadside recovery from the same provider offer any savings in cost? I have the vaguest idea that when searching for the former, I've been offered the latter by the same company. A price-comparison website has suggested the AA as being very competitive for insuring my car - and it would be one of my potential choices (along with the RAC and Green Flag) for roadside recovery. I know - I need to find out for sure for myself, but any general advice would be welcome before I start looking at websites later this week.
  15. A friend of mine has a 2007 Focus automatic with 85,000 miles on the clock. The gearbox is making funny noises and she thinks that it may need to be replaced. I said that it wouldn't be worth the cost, not that I know anything about these things. Better-informed comments, please. She does have a "man" who does basic work on her car, though I don't know if he's able to change a gear box. (Three years ago she had a problem with some sort of circuit board (??), got a quote of several hundred pounds for a replacement, tried one bodge that didn't work, the second one did. In the meantime she got a second-hand Ford but decided not to sell the 2007 car.)
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