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  1. Hi I've just placed an order for a new Fiesta Titanium X in white and now looking for a good place to get detailed. It will be the new car protection sealant, something like Gtechniq etc. Do you guys recommend anyone near Woolwich SE18? Thanks
  2. Yes was sold privately. Having sleepless nights trying to decide what to replace it with. So annoying!!!
  3. Don't like Peugeot vehicles. Had one for a courtesy car. Plastic feel.
  4. I've yet to find something that comes even close to the Fiesta's standard specs for the price. Will check out the Ibiza online and see what a build comes up like. Have also started looking at a BMW 1 Series Convertible or a 3 Series Hardtop convertible. Both for a budget between £11k-£15k.
  5. Managed to sell mine for £7300. Had to drop a couple of £100 due to negotiation, but happy with the price. Thanks for your help guys.
  6. Hi All I need your wisdom and knowledge. I've had Fiesta's for the last 12 years, all from brand new. Family and friends are saying 'how about trying something different'. I'm having a mind meltdown trying to find another vehicle that is similarly priced (£14k) with the spec that im looking at; 1.0 (125ps) Titanium X with bigger alloys, met black, full size spare wheel and full leather. What other vehicles did you look at before buying your fiesta? Thanks for your opinions guys.
  7. Hi all I have recently been thinking about getting a new Titanium X Fiesta to replace the 2010 Titanium I have at the moment. After looking at specs and configuring cars via the Ford website, I still don't know whether to pull the trigger or stick with what I have. Current Car; 2010 Fiesta Titanium Individual in Panther Black. Has only 14500 miles on the clock. No issues whatsoever with the car.Having spoken to a dealer, they offered £6500 for my current car which I think is rather low based on the mileage. Having a look on autotrader, most cars of that age and mileage go for about £7500-8000. Future Car; New Fiesta Titanium X with, full leather, Sony Navigation, Panther Black, Full size spare wheel, 17" 8 spoke alloys. The cheapest I could get was via a company who provides discounted cars for NHS employees, £14750 but will be initially registered with them and then transferred to my name after a day. Do you think the prices on the part ex and new car is good or can I squeeze a better deal from another dealer direct? Any other suggestions gratefully appreciated.
  8. Heater Turning On All By Itself!!!

    Had a look in the manual for the Fiesta, and there is nothing that I could see that states that the heater will turn on automatically if already off. You have to manually turn it on and then set the heat setting you require. Anyone have any more suggestions before I take it to a dealer for repair? :-(
  9. Heater Turning On All By Itself!!!

    I'm surprised. Its never done this in all the 3 years I've had it. The moment its out of dealer warranty, it starts playing silly buggers with me!! Will have a look at the manual and see if it can shed any light on it. Anyone else have the same thing happen to them?
  10. Hi All I have got a Fiesta 2010 Titanium. It has got air conditioning but that seems to work fine when I turn it on. I have recently started getting my heater turning on all by itself. Thought it might be me accidentally pressing something but its starting to happen regularly. I have tried to find a solution online, but couldn't find anyone else who has come across this. Any ideas that I could try? Thanks
  11. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    DanGull The floor is yours :D Gazjs; I am surprised to hear that its better than EGP. In my head, i thought AG products all complimented each other. Putting EGP on top of SRP was the bees knees, but obviously I'm still naive in these matters :) What makes it better, if you dont mind explaining.
  12. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi Gazjs Just a quick update, i'v acquired a tub of FKP1000p. Can you recommend when I use this. Can I fit this in with the products I am using already or would it be a replacement of one. Is this a winter or summer month product? I'll be washing my car again this weekend and want it all nice and shiny shiny B)
  13. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi Mate Thank you for the above link. I have found it very very useful. I thought i had checked the forum thoroughly before asking details, obviously i'm loosing my touch!! Thanks again for your help and guidance.
  14. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi Thankyou so so so much for such a detailed explanation. Thankyou for taking the time to assist me and hopefully others with a great description. If you find the above guide useful, please aknowledge Gazjs's efforts. Thanks again mate. :D

    Dan Excellent guide for those just starting out or even those who are into detailing and just need a reminder. Fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to do this.