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  1. Ignition Live ???

    lol its on no worries but thanks for chckin for me though you are a star ill let you know how i got on with that ignition live in the next few days ok mate thanks once again
  2. Ignition Live ???

    well i will check those fuses tomorrow at work as im sure i will have 5 mins and a ramp spare at some time and ill check on my car first in the fuse box and see if those spares are ignition fed or permanent but i think i might be abe to tap in to another fuse faling that by making up my own loom and extending a fuse in to 2 female spade conectors and run another wire from the feed side of that to a fused relayi will find away with out goin in to the interior lol but i would still like to know what that conector block does for my own knowledge is there anything listed in your haynes book at all??
  3. Glowplug Light Problems

    depends if it has the electronic plug on it i suppose but still i dont think it matters too much does it i dont think it will bring the eml on
  4. Ignition Live ???

    yeah i know but he wants them on there own and the lights that he has bought dim down when the side lights are turned on so it does have to be a seperate ignition live lol (he a pain in the posterior i know) are you on msn messenger at all?? just might be easyer to chat on there thats all and did you have any joy with the wiring plug c14?
  5. Ignition Live ???

    yeah i know i have had it for a while and ive also got a mate to download me a copy of the upto 2008 autodata with everything on lol its great ( worth about 800quid lol) the story is a friend wants me to fit day time running lights on to his and i just couldnt bebothered running an ignition live from inside all the way to the front as time was against me lol i dont suppose in your haynes manual or what ever resorces you have let us know what pin 3 on plug C14 in the under bonnet fusebox does could you??
  6. Ignition Live ???

    have you ever heard of or used ford wiki??
  7. Ignition Live ???

    yeah i think they should be as by looking at my uptodate copy of autodata nearly all the circuits on that row of fuses are ignition fed items ie heated screen Xenon lights etc so there could be i just didnt think about it as i thik they all have fuses in them thats all
  8. Ignition Live ???

    heya chris is that fuse box the one under the bonnet?? in the n/s/f of the car?? down by the battery??
  9. Ignition Live ???

    thanks for that mate i do have a voltage tester im sposed to be a mechanic lol but for some reason i cant seem to find a ignition live in the fuse box under the bonnet lol (please dont think im being sarcastic as im not i didnt know if there was any other looms i could tap in to thats all) please dont take offense
  10. getting annoyed trying to find a ignition live under the bonnet of a mondeo and n one else seems to know either

  11. Mk3 Indicator Installation

    if you want to get the trip computer working then you will need to get a set of clocks from a scrap car or something liike that that had the trip computer in already thats the way to get it to work
  12. Glowplug Light Problems

    could possibly be a turbo boost pressure sensor or another thing that plays up is the egr valve take it off clean it out and block of the metal pipe that comes in from the side with a thin bit of metal or something you can buy gaskets on ebay with a small hole to slow down the sooting up of the egr valve if this is any help i dont know but just thought i would share this with you lol
  13. hi all just wondering i dont suppose anyone knows where i could get an ignition live from under the bonnet of a 2003 mk3 mondeo TDCI i couldnt find one for toffee i mean the fuse box in the n/s/f of the engine bay seem to comtain a load of permanent lives but no ignition live is there any one that could help me please hope to hear from you soon si many thanks