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  1. Yeah the battery was replaced too. cheers for the advice I’ll give it a go today and let you know if it does it still. Cheers
  2. Hi! I’m wondering if anyone can help or has had any similar issues: my battery light comes on momentarily and either goes off after a couple of minutes OR when I turn the engine off and on again. I’ve taken it to a mechanic and he said it’s nothing they can see. The alternator went about 2 years ago and it seems to have started after that, but have had no other issues. Everything works on the car while the light is on, it doesn’t cut anything out and turning different things off doesn’t make the light go off. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi, I’m Louis, with my partner Beth! We have a 2015 Ford Fiesta titanium with a stage 1 remap and are big fans of formula 1! We just wanted to say hi, if you have any questions about the remap let me know! I’m sure I’ll have many questions to ask too! thanks ☺️
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