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  1. If i can find another for the right price needs to be diesel as well i deffinatly will. If i had the money from my compensation i would be looking at getting a lot newer one but i think that will take some time and i need a car pretty quickly. For a 10 year old car it was the best i had owned, comfortable, well equiped, economical. Just a shame i only had it for three weeks :-( bigsi40
  2. Just had the phone call the cars a write off :-( but they have offered more money for it than i paid so not all bad :-)
  3. I didn't get to speek to the other driver i was on the way to hospital before they had cut her out and the police sorted the details out, Yep i got legal cover expecting a call from them monday about my injuries and stuff thought about cancelling it when i had to renew it because of the extra cost REALLY glad i didn't know. Maybe i'm biased but i just don't like the astra my 10 year old focus has/had better handerling you could push it round the corners quicker and the astra suspension is harder not very comfy over bumps, I don't like the astra switch layout you can't see the symbols on the fan direction switch it's a 1.6l petrol i know my focus was/is a 1.8l diesel turbo so can't really compare engines but the astra seems quite slow on pull away, It's got indicators that at a fick will falsh 3 times think they are called overtake indicators or something. I know thats not a top gear like report but i just don't like it if i had the money for a new car and had never owned a car and went to test drive a selection there would be no contest between new focus or astra it's almost like the astra was desinged by someone who does not drive poorly laid out switchs and not very comfy driving (no arm rest for your right arm. Bigsi40
  4. Yep i understand that not getting my hopes up as to what will happen just going with the flow got a hire car paid for by their insurance so i'm chilled although it's a 59 plate astra it's not very good car was hopeing for a Focus i really like the new looking one. bigsi40
  5. If thats what the insurance are going to offer for writeing it off i'd be quite happy as i paid less than that for it so will have to wait and see i doubt they will though supposed to be phoneing about collecting it later today or Monday, just waiting for my courtesy car to be delivered the lady on the phone said if they have no 1.6 cars would i be o.k with one with a 1.8l engine i said i think so bigsi40 Pic of broken pinky :'(
  6. No pics only got camera phone, front bumper broken and associated lights, bonnet bent, drivers wing and door bent furtunatly the air begs never went off so hoping the insurance will sort it out. I'm gutted about the car but i'm more gutted about missing my job interview and breaking my little finger it hurts like hell :( bigsi40
  7. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving to a job interview this morning lovely day, shades on, air con blaring, music cranked up, feeling confident about getting the job, Then a little old lady pulls out of a junction in front of me and my lovely Focus which i've only owned for 3 weeks gets modified by the side of her car :( and i brake my little finger on my left hand bigsi40
  8. I had an old Peugeot 306 and the clutch cable broke as i was going to town, got into a car park called the RAC nice RAC man put it on a tow bar and proceded to tow it into a sign post . Very appologetic and said they would send someone out to see how much the damage would be to get fixed. The only damage done was the near side back door had been pushed in, know this car was not in mint condition to start with so was not expecting alot, Nice man came out from their insurance company walked around the car and said would i accept £500 to get it fixed :o . I had to put on my best poker face as i only paid £400 for the car from a garage i worked at, I accepted the money and used it to go on holiday and left the door as it was :D. Bodywork does seem very expensive to get fixed. Bigsi40
  9. Thank you very much that was a great post like above pics are much easier to follow i was going to try to pull it out gently using long nose pliers Thanks Bigsi40
  10. Yep i have 2000 Focus 1.8td 166thou+ all serviced last owner was a Reverand only cost £890 best car i have owned very comfy on the motorway and handles much better than my Volvo 440 which was to put it nicely a bit "soft". B) Only had the Focus 5 days but so far no major problems fixed the boot lock problem nice and easy. Very happy and if it last me as long as my Volvo did which was 5 years i will be over the moon. Bigsi40
  11. Just got back from Ford asked about getting a new key and was told £150 and they would need the car for a day . I asked if he was serious and left. Went to a local locksmith a new key with no buttons but will work the imobiliser £65 thats much better. Then i'd have 2 keys the car will reconise then i can get a fob with buttons of ebay and programme that like it tells you in the owners book. Yes/no? Its a bit of a shock when your used to old cars where you can get a new key for a few pounds :) Bigsi40
  12. Yep unfortunatly only got one key, Thats a shame i thought it was just the glass bit that did the imobliser and was hoping the circuit board just did the central locking a long shot i know :) looks like there is no way around it but to stump up alot of cash. Thanks, bigsi40
  13. After having a look at the key fob on the circuit board the button is broke so i was thinking there are cheep fobs on e-bay so what i was going to do is get one of them take the circuit board out put it in my fob. Will this work? Thanks for the replys about the boot button it will give me something to do over the weekend. Bigsi40
  14. Hi, This is my first post asking for help (be gentle). I have just brought a Focus 1.8td 2000 and have a couple of problems i did get money knocked off because of them. The first problem is the boot release button does not work thats the one on the dashbord, second problem the boot release button on the key fob don't work. Any surrgestions on why/ how to fix? Secondly the lock button on the key fob is broken and i asked at the key cutters today how much to get a new one and was told just for the key with no buttons £55 to get an exact copy of the fob £110 :o . Is there a cheeper option? I hope there is as i only have the one key and sods law will state it will get lost some how. Thanks for any help/advice Bigsi40
  15. Hello, I have just joined this forum as i have recently purchased a Ford Focus 1.8td mk1, This is the second Ford i have owned as a few years ago i had a Escort, Normally i would class myself as a Volvo man because i had one for my first car and have liked them ever since. As the Focus is a second hand car there are a couple of things not working on it so hopfully i will be able to find some good tips ideas on how to fix them from you good people and hoping my Focus last a long time i might be around here for a while and be able to help other people. :) Hello, Bigsi