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  1. MarkST thank you - especially for that manual. It's definitely going to be handy. My concern is why the lights aren't coming on if I turn the switch from the 'O' position to the 1st position. The side lights come on if I turn the switch twice. Any ideas? A thought came to mind - I had to jump start the car last Saturday. Could this cause an issue? Edit: I had a thought... which lights should come on when I turn the switch once? Which lights on the second turn? As the car has the LED daytime tights, are the side lights for night time use? If the above is correct, are the outside lights/bulbs the high beam lights? I seriously can't believe I'm asking these questions! I had no issue with what lights to use and when on any of my other cars!!!
  2. Thanks Eric for the info. I'll start playing about with them tomorrow. Headlight height adjustment - any recommended setting? DRL's no idea how, but I seem to have managed to turn them off. They used to come on as soon as I started the car. How can I have them come on as again soon as I fire up the car And side lights not coming on... other than a fuse, any idea what could be wrong?
  3. Just had a look. The pro clip mount is a must. But for the holder, I could pretty much buy a cheaper holder off Amazon and screw that in, can't I? I don't need an active holder.
  4. Brilliant. Thank you so much. I'll check it out now.
  5. Guys, I've just noticed that my front side lights on my 2010 Galaxy aren't working when I turn the dial once from the off position. The rears though are fine. The main lights (when I turn the dial twice from the off position) are also fine. Also, the white led lights at the bottom of the bumper used to come on when I started the car and would remain on, but since trying to figure out the side lights issue, these lights no longer come on. Are the circle yellow lights right at the bottom of the bumper the fog lights (second picture)? If so, what are the white LED lights? Driving lights? Finally, can someone please explain what the small dials do? And what the setting I have for the main lights does (the last notch). I feel so silly right now 😳. And I haven't even thought about sussing out all the steering wheel controls. Post for this to follow once I've sussed out the main things 😁 Thanks guys
  6. Thanks mate. I had a brodit on my Audi and it was brilliant. Can you recommend a suitable holder to attach to the bracket?
  7. Folks, can someone recommend a good vent mounted phone holder for a 2010 Galaxy please? I bought a Vanmass holder but this didn't work with the weird (but stylish) vents on the Galaxy. Im not a fan of dash or window holders. And anyway, dash wouldn't be possible on the Galaxy as it has a curved dash and a big speaker in the middle.
  8. Thanks Fazat. And what a car the MG was, hey! It was my first ever car and all my mates were envious. Wish I’d taken a picture of it before it got stolen 🥲
  9. Guys, could you recommend a good phone holder for my Galaxy please. I had a CD holder on my Touran but this would block the buttons to the stereo (plus I did try to put it in but the thing wouldn't slot into the CD player)! A dash mounted holder won't work as there seems to be a massive speaker smack bang in the middle of the dash. So that pretty much leaves an air vent option???
  10. Hi guys, As per the title, I’ve just bought my first ever Ford - a Galaxy Titanium X ecoboost (2010). It was a tortuous purchase for many reasons, but got there in the end. I’ve not had much chance of driving it due to the fuel shortage but looking forward to testing it out soon. No doubt there will be a few questions for you guys too once I’ve started driving it. i was going for an S Max but they were few and far between and then came across this Galaxy. Great condition. great colour. Light aesthetic mods. Low mileage. prior to the Galaxy, I owned an Audi RS4 B5 but absolutely stupidly sold it last year and have been crying about it since and will do forever. I ran this alongside my trusted VW Touran, which I had to sell as it was not compliant with the ULEZ. my others cars have been: Audi S4 Audi S2 Honda Civic Vtec Honda CRX Vtec Honda CRX Vtec (it’s not a double entry, I loved the CRX Vtecs) Honda CRX 16v BMW 325i M Sport MG Metro Turbo i also had a CBR 600 sport but sold it as it was getting far too little use.
  11. The Galaxy seller got back to me and gave an explanation as to the valuation of the car and gave the following attached info. The picture shows what autotrader feels / advised him the car should be priced at. Seller and I have currently agreed on £8400.
  12. I just found a great car on Auto Trader: 2010 2.0 titanium x
  13. The cars got 65000 Miles on the clock. Prices have sky rocketed due the ULEZ in London. If the car is ulez compliant Sellers are hiking prices up. This is the car I just found a great car on Auto Trader: And lol about the full tank.of petrol. It's absolute madness at petrol stations. I genuinely need petrol as am on red but no chance I'm queuing for hours. Surely it must calm down soon!
  14. Guys I need some advice please from anyone who might know about car prices. I've seen a 2010 Ford Galaxy X. It's in excellent condition but is basic in spec (no sat nav or panoramic roof). The guys asking for £8400. Is this a good price? I valued it at car wow and webuyanycar and there valuations came in at £5500ish. I know they knock off a lot as they need to sell.on again, but I'm worried as there's such a MASSIVE gap in what I'm buying for and what it's valued at. Any help or advice massively appreciated.
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