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  1. Arnold Clark are willing to pay for it depending on the price for it to be done just wanting to see if it can be done a ford dealership said yes but gave me no idea of price so I’m hoping to try find one sharpish
  2. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Is there any way of getting the multi colour at all ? I’ve got a blue car and the inside just glows red 😤
  4. Hi guys I’ve noticed I’ve got little ambient lights in my car my footwell door handles and door bin is red and want to change the colour I’ve looked everywhere online and it says there’s a button by the sunglasses holder at the top but it’s not there, the other option is to press settings on sync2 and then vehicle and it should be there but I can’t seem to find it there is just a valet option. Is there another way to change the ambient lighting colour and brightness apart from what I’ve said ? My software seems to be up to date according to the ford website. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. No doubt bannko has a list as long as his arm in requests myself will be on that list but do you still have the instructions or know where to get the files from at all please ? Thanks
  6. Hello sorry to bother you, just bought a Ford Focus with sync2 but no sat nav installed it just says information system in the top right corner can you point me in the right direction of how to install this and the things I need to buy please ? 


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