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  1. seatbelt light keeps flashing

    hi mate, the old seatbelt clips you removed would have a switch inside them, so wen you push click your seatbelt it would engage the switch, causing the 2 wires to short, so in your case it should be ok to put a piece of wire between the 2 connectors, this will let the car know that you have clicked your seatbelt in. can' gaurentee this tho, cheers mick
  2. escort mk5 fuel problem

    there are a few things that can cause your fuel to be used up to much, on carb models the carb needs cleaning out, and on all models could be air filter clogged up. or spark plugs worn or defected. try changing your air filter and plugs, also give it an oil change, could see some good results, not sure if this will help but worth a try. cheers mick
  3. escort oil lite prob

    when an oil lite comes on, it means one thing only, that your oil level is low. so in your case the oil is at the rite level untill u brake, thats wen the oil pushes forward away from level senser and reads no oil, once you pull of again it will be force to the back and touching the senser, saying it's ok. the only other thing i can think it can be is your oil is way to thin so it splashes about in the sump. that's all i can think it is mate. cheers mick
  4. engine revs up and down

    hi peeps have a small problem with my engine, its 1.8 16v zetec engine from a r reg escort. the problem is wen i start it the revs bounce up and down from 300 rpm to 2000 rpm. and will settle after a short while. give it some revs like 3000 then it does it again. any ideas will be appriciated. thanks mick