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  1. Hey ive been searching mad in the forums for answers but not too clear. Basically whats happening is everytime I start my car the boot pops open, I get out and shut it and it can happen again. Also opened while driving for the first time the other day. I have tried wd40 in all the mechanisms etc, this made the dash button start working again but its back to normal. I have replaced the rubber pressure pad on the boot but it is still playing up. I am also having issues with the central locking along with this, already been locked out car whith engine running while defrosting lol I have been told to get a new relay for under the dash for the boot and also the central locking... is this one relay or separate? Which one is it? I am also finding when i start my car it turns over a few seconds then kicks in. It has just been fully serviced new plugs, fuel filter, air filter, oil etc and still doing it FORD MONDEO LX 1.8 Duractec X964 UKS
  2. Basic Service

    Hey guys just some questions about servicing my car, I have been to halfords and bought all the bits im going to change. I have spark plugs , air filter , oil and paper oil filter. Was wondering if anybody could give me a guide on how to change the oil filter and the spark plugs (ie do i need to set the gap or will they be preset? (champion EON3 ) spark plugs The car is a 1.8 petrol duratec registration X964 UKS Cheers
  3. Radio Code Lost

    Right finally found the problem, got a set of keys and removed the unit to find that the serial etc does not match the handbook. so could somebody please provide me with the right code i need? cheers Model - 600NE Serial - MO86018 Part - YS4F - 18C815 - AA
  4. Radio Code Lost

    ok cool cool i had kinna came to that conclusion, just that all service history etc the mechanic has written the same radio code on the job sheets lol how do i remove it without the keys? its the one with 4 holes 2 top 2 bottom cheers mate, doing ma head in lol
  5. Radio Code Lost

    I have just replaced the battery in my x reg 1.8 ford mondeo duratec, once reconnected the radio wanted the radio code which i found on a sticker in the book along with the radio code etc, when entered it is not accepting the code, I cannot get the unit out either to get the number from the side of it for dealer to do it! It is the 6000cd model, also tried disconnecting battery for 5mins but still getting 30min countdown!! Please help Unit Type - FD 600N 1 Serial Number - M109495 Key Code - 6975