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  1. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    Turns out it was one of the bearings. Getting it sorted tomorrow.
  2. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    My Uncle just came down and had a ride in the car whilst I was driving and seems to think it could be to do with the constant velocity joint. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    I have just checked and they are on the right way round.
  4. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    Could do with some advice here. I purchased a full set of Dunlop SP Bluesport Response tyres for my 55 plate Mk2 Focus 2.0 TDCi Ghia in mid-October at Halfords, who also fitted the tyres. Since then, I appear to be getting an awful lot of tyre noise. In fact more recently it is proving rather annoying. I didn't think of anything of it back then as I put it down to certain road services. My Dad was travelling with me today in the car and he said this sounds like there is something not quite right. Apart from this tyre noise, there is no issued with grip or braking. He strongly suggests that I go back to Halfords (I still have the invoice), but after 2 months I m not sure I have any comeback here. Any ideas or suggestions here for the cause, or have other Mk2 Focus owners have issues with tyre noise?
  5. Help With Fixing Air Con On Mk2 Focus

    Are they still cheaper than going to a Ford garage though? I enquired at a local Ford garage and was quoted just over £400 (including VAT) for fitting the condenser and regassing.
  6. I bought a 55 plate Mk2 Focus 2.0 TDCi Ghia in October last year. I went to a local place in St Helens to see about getting the air conditioning re-gassed and it didn't appear to be working. At first it was though to be a leak in one of the pipes, so I ordered as new pipe part from a Ford garage for this place to fit it. I got the part and went back to the place. When I returned, I was informed it was not the pipe leaking but the condenser had failed. I endured the hot summer without air con (not a pleasant experience I have to say!). I'm now thinking where I can take it for a new condenser to be fitted, without having to go the a Ford garage. Does anyone know of anywhere independent in the St Helens area or within a few miles of St Helens that can help here?
  7. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    My Dad put a new fuse in today and it blew again. I wonder if it's the earthing/wiring to the fuel pump?
  8. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    Any idea how much a new pump would cost?
  9. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    I have a X-reg Ford Focus 1.8 LX Mk1, which I have had for 4 years now and has never failed to start. One morning couple of weeks before Christmas, I found that it wouldn't start. I put some distilled water in the battery and charged it up and it then was working as normal. However, earlier this week it has failed to start again. I charged the battery but still wouldn't work so my Dad had a look at the car (he is also a Focus owner), and found that the fuse to the fuel line had blown. He put a new fuse in today and managed to take it for a short drive, although it was sounding rough. When I came to try it myself this evening I found that it just won't start again. Anyone out there know what is the likely cause?
  10. Heater Failure

    Got it fixed! :) It turned out the heater switch had gone kaput. Got one from a Ford garage for just £20. Only thing now is, the radio will now need to be re-coded.... :(
  11. Heater Failure

    Just checked the fuse, and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I bet this is going to cost a fortune to fix My dad (who also has a Focus - a 53-plate TDCi Zetec) is trying to have a look at it though. It now makes me now wonder if I should now part-ex it or sell it for scrap as a last resort.
  12. Heater Failure

    Thanks. I used to have a Fiesta too before the Focus as well. :)
  13. Heater Failure

    I have an X-reg Focus 1.8 LX with air con. Whilst driving to work this morning (Friday 19th March), the heater fan suddenly packed in working and will not work on any setting. I switched the air con button on (although I never use it in winter) to see if this made a difference and no light came on. This has never happened before, and just asking anyone out there what I need to do to fix it. Could it just be the fuse or is it something else? I'd appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks