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  1. Hi Anon and Unofix, I am pleased to announce that changeing the microphone has been a success and my hands free voice control now works as it should, thanks for your help in assisting me in my task,the hardest part was finding out how to remove the plastic surround holding the mic, which in all other Fords it is held in by clips, but with the 2011 Fiesta it is held in by 2 screws needing a T15 screwdrive, which where seen when the interior light fitting was removed, when that was found out the rest was simple, thanks again for your help
  2. Hi anon, I assume I have the Sony system fitted, but biting the bullet, I found out how to remove the mic at long last, with the mic removed, the voice control and the incoming calls are the same its still showing "mic off" so I have ordered a new mic from the ford main dealer, which will be avail tomorrow, when I have fittted it, I HOPE that the system works, if not I think I will give up, I will post the results when I have replace the mic.........
  3. HI anon, thanks for your asstance, I did try to find out what version of SYNC was fitted to my car, when I went on to the site that suppose to give you it, I entered my VIN number and was told my vehicle was not fitted with a SYNC system??. once again, thanks for your help, I hope the next person you help is not out of their depth as much as I am. thanks again.
  4. Hi anon, sorry I could not begin to tell you what version of sync is in my car, because I can not find any information ref sync,
  5. yes that is correct, the mic stays muted, and the words mic off stays visable, the only thing different is the red light goes out.
  6. Hi anon about me turning off and on the mic, when its lit up red it say's mic off when I press the first function button, which is the first one on the left of the 4, the red light goes out, but the mic off is still there, so, it looks like I need to take the plastic consul with the mic in down and see if the mic us unpluged or if I can replace it, thanks for every ones help and assitance.
  7. Thanks guys for your input to my problem, I have just connected my wife's phone to my car and the same situation is there, I have tried whilst some one rings me and they can not hear me, switching the mute button off and on and all that happens is the red light go's out, and the caller still can not hear me, in answer to anon Brendas the phone has worked great up until 2 weeks ago. the phone menu in the car has no settings on its list, so at the moment I am still very much in the dark as to what to do to solve my problem,
  8. having acted on the advice givin, either I am doing things wrong, which I don't know, but I am still at the same position as I was at the start of my journey, I even went an made inquires at a Ford main dealer, "bring it in and we will have a look" any idea of a price I asked, sorry we charge as per jobs, if it only takes an hour, what would the labour charge be was the question I asked, £130 approx, any parts would be extra. but I live in hope some one has had the same problem and can help me with mine,
  9. at the start of this problem, I did what I think was a reset, by removing the fuse for the bluetooth, and replacing it after 20 mins or so would that count as a master reset, and yes the red symbol ays mic off, I am now trying to find out if my phone has an external microphone setting, thanks again for your help, if I sort it out I will post a reply to say so
  10. Thanks Unofix, am I right in thinking I get access to the mic through the interior light unit, or do I remove the whole plastic cover, sorry to be a pain but not having much experience in this sort of thing. I have to ask
  11. Thanks anon, Brenda, I have gone into the menu of the screen, and no matter what item I choose, there is no settings refering to microphone enable or disable, the problem has only just happened, in the last 3 weeks, this is why I am at a loss as to how, my fiesta is 2011 model, and things have changed, I have looked all over the internet for an answer, but can not find one that refers to the problem of "Mic off". have you any other suggestions, or as any other helpful soul got any thing else I can try,
  12. when I recieve a call, on my blue tooth set up in my 2011 fiesta, i can hear the caller loud and clear, but they can not hear me, not matter how loud I have the radio turned on, also when trying to make a call after so long the comuter says no voice, and switches the call off, at the bottom of the small display in the center of the dash, it has "mic off" red light showing, can any body help in any way.
  13. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. my 2011 fiesta has just developed a fault with the mic on the bluetooth conection, it can recieve incoming calls, but there is no voice recognised the bottem left hand corner of the display shows Mic off, is there any way I can switch it back on, I have resynced the unit by removing the fuse and replacing it after 10 mins, but to no avail. any help would be welcome
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