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  1. zetec windows

    hi, in my car the drivers window goes down with one thouch to the button,but to close the window i have to keep my finger on it,and is the passenger window suppose to do the same.
  2. ford direct

    mondo80] it is a ford direct i get 2yrs warranty and 2yrs AA cover which is good,ill put put some pics up probley saturday so keep your your eyes open ha ha
  3. ford direct

    well i went there and they knocked the money off,am made up now,am picking it up tomorrow i cant wait :P ;)
  4. ford direct

  5. ford direct

    hi guys i finaly bought my car today a 1.6 tonic blue 56 plate zetec. and am MAD,ford direct sold me the car for 8,420 and when i got home i cheaked online and the price online was 8.290 it might not be much money to other people but its alot to me,i havent paid for the car yet ive just left £50 deposit,i have to go down tomorrow to pay the balance in full,wot do guys think i should do,sorry for moaning
  6. zetec or ghia

    yeah i hav another question, will the ghia loose its value when i come to sell it because they dont make ghias anymore
  7. zetec or ghia

    its me again with yet another question,wot do you guys think about the zetec and ghia.do you prefair one more than the other,and do the ghia have many elecrical faults with having all the gadgets in(ie: cruse conrol,auto lights,wipers)
  8. What reg should I get

    how early can i do an MOT on an 06 plate. thanx
  9. What reg should I get

    thanx guys for your replies,ive been stressing now for over a month on what colour and reg i want. ive finally decided now and will be going to order my car today. The MOT will be due february 2009 and my warranty wont expire untill another year dated from now so if anythink did go wrong ill be ok coz i have the warranty.
  10. What reg should I get

    I am thinking of getting either an 05 or 06 plate. I want an 06 plate, but I was just a bit worried about getting the 06 because it's not supposed to get an MOT until 2009. Have you guys heard of many 3 year old cars failing their MOT's. Sorry for going on a bit haha.
  11. which focus should i get

    am getting a focus next week and cant make my mind up,between a zetec, and a zetec climate. and also wot do u guys think about the plate,am thinking of getting an 05,but would be nice to get an 06 but its gonna cost me £600 more,wot do u think i should do, thanx
  12. zetec climate

    ive heard storeys that the heated front window affects sat navs,is this true?
  13. please look

    i posted this msg yesterday and only got 2 replies,would much appreciate for more replies,i just wanted to no what you guys think is the nicest colour
  14. what do you think

    am buying a focus soon but cant make my mind up on the colour what do you guys think,and wot colour do you think would be better so you cant see scratches
  15. how big

    hi,am going to be buying a new shape focus soon(2006) this might sound a little strange but can anyone give me the width measurement of the back seat,(ive got to be able to fit 3 booster seats in) thanx