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  1. Replacing Mk7 Speakers

    I put the crossover box behind the door cards and ran a relatively thin speaker wire from there back through the rubber tube carrying the wiring loom to the doors. There's a very small clearance between the rubber and the multi-way electrical plugs. I started on top of the dash and fed the wires down past the foam that fills the gap between the dash and the quarterlight trim. I lost a bit of skin getting the wires through, but it wasn't hard. The tweeters sit in pods that came with the set and are in the far corners next to the A pillars. You could screw them in place, but I used little pieces of double sided sticky foam tape. A more ambitious (and better) solution would be to mount them in the A pillars after moding the trim panels with fibreglass and recovering with cloth.
  2. Replacing Mk7 Speakers

    I have these Pioneers up front: http://www.caraudiod...-tse-170ci.html The tweeters are on top of the dash for better imaging than the stock locations (also the tweeters are too large to go where the stock ones are - something to watch out for) Oh, and I made custom mounts for the main drivers out of 3/4" ply.
  3. Speaker Rattle

    As Jack said, the most likely cause is the door trim panel vibrating against the inner plastic shield that the speaker, window mechanism etc is mounted to. When I replaced my speakers I stuck sound absorbing foam sheet to the backs of the trim panels, and added rubber sound deadener pieces to the flat areas of the panel. I also stuffed some polyester wadding in the voids in the trim panel where the arm rest is. The new speakers are on much more stable ply rings rather than the flimsy original plastic mounts. Finally I stuck some sound deadener to the metal skin of the door (though the speaker hole). The result is no rattle at all. If you take the door trim panel off, also check the wiring is all clipped in place as the connectors would rattle around if loose. See this earlier post of mine http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/14855-new-fiesta-titanium-td16-speaker-vibrates/page__p__94716#entry94716
  4. Bike Rack

    If it's just you and one bike, then what I do is remove the front wheel and put the bike in the back (drop the seats and maybe move the front passenger seat forward depending on your bike). It's far safer that way. A friend has the Ford roof bars and bike rack on his Fiesta which works well too, but I wouldn't leave it parked up with a decent bike on view - even if they can't nick the frame, they can nick the shiny bit's off it...
  5. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    Wow.... :o Really glad to hear you're OK; must have been a real shock. Hopefully your insurer will get it all sorted out without too much hassle. Unless it's your pet, it's far better to just hit head on any animal smaller than your car.
  6. Mk7 Fiesta Front Door Speakers

    They're actually 17cm, but you need mounting rings. e.g. see this earlier post of mine: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/14855-new-fiesta-titanium-td16-speaker-vibrates/page__p__94716#entry94716
  7. Inner Door Panel Removal?

    Assuming it's similar to the current model, you have to wind down the window part way. You'll see the bolts attaching the glass to the guides come into view through the two "bung holes". You'll need to get someone to hold the glass when you undo the bolts. You need to remove the outer rubber trim and then you can lift the glass out. Once it's free of the guides you can remove the inner panel (the guides are fixed to the panel).
  8. Lcd Display Cooling Fan?

    The fan is part of the temperature sensor for the automatic climate control. There's no fan for the LCD (that's ridiculous!). It shouldn't be very loud (mine is only just noticeable when the engine's off), but there have been complaints posted here before - I think some people have had theirs replaced. It could be it's just loose on its mounting and rattling against the dash and needs tightening up or a bit of foam tape.
  9. The update has several files for updating different versions. My Fiesta is 2 years old, has the larger orange display, and it worked OK. Does that USB stick work for playing music? Some just don't work for some reason - try another. I added the files to a Sandisk 8gb stick I use in the office, without reformatting. It worked at the second try (the first time it started OK then gave up after about 10 minutes).
  10. Mk7 Rear Seat Carpet Backs

    The latest models (Titanium at least) come with carpet on the seat backs, so this should be available from dealers as a spare part. But I expect the ebay option to be much cheaper...
  11. What Size Tyre Have You Fitted

    I don't think it would be a good idea to fit a larger tyre as you'd be going faster than the indicated speed. You can check the difference it makes using this site: http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp?action=submit For my winter tyres I was very tempted by the new 15" 'spanner' alloys that match the design of the 17" wheels on my Titanium X. But they cost about 2x as much as steel wheels so I went with them instead.
  12. Tweeter Size

    Yes, but I don't have the numbers to hand. I'll check later. They are smaller than most aftermarket tweeters and have a non-standard mounting so you'd have a hard time finding a direct replacement, and would probably have to use hot-melt glue to hold them in place. When I changed my speakers, I put new tweeters on top of the dash, which gives much better imaging than the really poor location of the originals.
  13. You can compare sizes using this site: http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp?action=submit My summer tyres are Bridgestone RE050A 205/40/17; winter are Goodyear Ultragrip 8 185/60/15 (on Ford steel wheels) which gives a 1% difference in speedo reading. As you have 16" wheels, I'd go for the 15" winter tyres, though I don't think it actually makes a huge difference. The other thing to look out for is the load rating on the tyre. I've kept to the 84 rating of my summer tyres when getting the winter ones - a small difference from this probably won't matter, but don't stray too far.
  14. New Wheels

    Try this site: http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp?action=submit Put in the current tyre/wheel size and the ones you're thinking of getting and it'll tell you the difference in size and effect on your speedo reading. It'll warn you if the tyres are more than 3% different. The page tells you the rim widths you need for that tyre. The 17" alloys on mine are 7" wide, and I think there's a steering rack limiter installed when a Fiesta is supplied with these wheels due to the width. If you get after market tyres they need to have the right number and spacing of holes for the bolts (4x108mm) and have the correct offset (41.5 for 6.5" wide 16" and 47.5 for 7" wide 17") (distance from the centre line of the wheel to the mount), though you can buy spacer rings to fix this. Also the owner manual and the sticker on the passenger door surround give you the tyres and pressures. If you pick one from this list, you'll be fine. As another poster pointed out, for 17" the tyres need to be 205x40.
  15. It depends on the tyres you've got - if they're "all-season" relatively narrow tyres then you'll probably be OK in normal UK winter conditions. However, wide "summer" tyres like my Bridgestone 205x40x17s were a nightmare last winter and completely lost grip as soon as there was more than a few mm of snow. I got stuck several times and lost control (thankfully at very low speeds, and without resulting in an accident). I'm not risking it again this winter. The 4x4s you mention were probably the "Chelsea Tractor" type (Porche, BMW, Audi, etc) with similar wide low profile summer tyres fitted that are useless in winter, rather than proper offroad tyres.