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  1. Chase

    Help Hard-Wiring Dashcam

    Cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Chase

    Help Hard-Wiring Dashcam

    Ok, so I have now made a few changes to the camera set up in my Swift. Reduced the piggy back fuses to 2 amp. Thank you MarkST. Added a switch so that I now have two power feeds. 1 x permanent live 1 x Switched Feed (Ignition on and engine running)
  3. Chase

    Help Hard-Wiring Dashcam

    Hope you don't mind me commenting as I now drive a Suzuki Swift Sport. I loved my fiesta and I hope to get another when my 3yrs are up. I still enjoy reading the Fiesta forums and read your post. I run 2 Roadhawk dash cams, front and rear from a piggyback fuse holder connected to the fusebox in my Swift. I used one of the spares that have no fuses connected. Usually there is a couple empty that are either switched or permanent live on a vehicle. This doesn't interfere with anything else. My camera's are covered by a 3 amp fuse in their power feeds that I purchased with the camera's. So with just the front camera fitted I placed two 5amp fuses into the piggyback holder to complete the circuit and replaced them with two 10 amps now both camera's are running. I like the idea of the camera's powering on with the ignition but for me, I wanted to be able to leave them on when the car is parked up for a few hours. I therefore fitted them to permanent live with a 12v remote switch so I can turn them on and off manually. The only drawback is having to remember to turn them on when driving. I'm sure the fiesta will have some spare fuse holders if you test with a volt meter.
  4. Chase

    Ford Fiesta Dvd Gps

    No problem, I'm sure they have improved alot on these units. Just wasn't for me. The sound from all the speakers when watching a Dvd was brilliant. haigboardman, just a thought. Could it be just the screen not displaying. Do the stereo controls light up when you press the power button? Have you tried to load a cd?
  5. Chase

    Ford Fiesta Dvd Gps

    Sorry haigboardman, the pics don't really help your cause. I would try for a refund. Only thing to be careful about is that the supplier might advise professional installation only and require a certificate to say the unit is faulty. Hope you get it sorted.
  6. Chase

    Ford Fiesta Dvd Gps

    I bought this unit mainly for the gps and initially I was happy with all the functions. After 6mths of use I couldn't wait to take it out the car. Jack of all trades, master of none. Just don't expect it to function like a factory fit unit. The satnav took at least 10 mins to find the satelite and just wasn't reliable. I had no confidence in the black plastic screen surround and on sunny days was constantly covering it with a towel when leaving the car incase it melted. The bluetooth quality was terrible. I lost ford voice controls This was early 2010 so might be improvements now. On my unit I couldn't use steering wheel controls. The screen was too glaring at night and no dim just the option to turn it off altogether. The supplied remote control didn't work. Couldn't get any tv reception at all. Good points: Sound quality not bad/ Dvd playback and music on SD card worked well. Fairly easy to install. The amount of cables look daunting but it is just plug and play. I would advise buying some plastic trim removal tools to avoid damaging any trim and disconnect the negative from the battery before doing anything. The dvd unit is pretty much identical to the ford cd unit so is just a swap. The original screen comes out and the cable connected to it just fixes to the new screen. I can remember the only trouble I had was the sheer amount of wiring and was a bit fiddly to tuck everything in. I now have a ford mirrornavi fitted which does me fine. I removed all my original photos on this subject as all my pics now appear on numerous websites of companies who sell the unit claiming the photos to be theirs. They even have the cheek to watermark them. I will put some up again once I have watermarked them myself.
  7. Chase

    Ford Fiesta Dvd Gps

    It should be pretty much plug and play unless you have a faulty unit. You can't connect the plugs incorrectly. Does your original stereo still work? Might be worth checking the fiesta's fuses before going any further. I fitted mine in 2010 and no longer have the unit now. I disconnected the negative from the cars battery until the unit was fully fitted. Sorry I can't help more.
  8. Chase

    Fitted Ford Mirrornavi

    No, it's just a Satnav and not compatible with a reverse camera. It should be for what they charge.
  9. Chase

    Fitted Ford Mirrornavi

    Ford charge £299 plus local dealer fitting charges. About 1 hours labour taking the total to around £400. Managed to get a new one boxed for £153 some time ago off eBay and fitted it myself. I spliced into the switched power feed that connects to the rear of the stereo. The cables run behind the glove box and up the passenger A pillar where the antenna is hidden then up to the head lining. Turns on automatically on turning on the ignition and it turns off when turning off the ignition (after a 30s delay which you can override via pressing off now on the touch-screen). I don’t like the fact that the unit is on permanently whilst driving whenever the ignition is switched on. You can switch off the garmin navi unit with on- off switch ( at top of unit) but you need to be a Contortionist to find it. To get round this I bought a 12v Remote Control On/Off Switch for £20 which cuts the power feed that is behind the glove box and is controlled by a small remote control. When the ignition is switched on the power to the unit is off until I press the on button on the remote control. Fitted this with velcro tape to the windscreen so I can still easily change the battery when required. Finished the installation with a Gentax mirror cable cover to hide the wire from the mirror to the head lining. Mirror Navi £153 Gentax Trim £9.99 (eBay) 12v Remote switch £20 (eBay) Very pleased with unit and all works brilliantly.
  10. Tried one of these today, well impressed! The quality is that good just using the Fm transmitter that I didn't need to plug it into the Aux socket. Cheap alternative, if like me you don't have a Usb socket.
  11. Chase

    Removing Head Unit on New Mk7

    How to remove a Ford Fiesta car stereo - (2009 Onwards)
  12. Just click on vehicle (top left) on the FordEtis website and enter your registration number. Gives you you're cars details at build.No costs or joining involved.;jsessionid=D2ED2C96D388531BC49A67352C478633.walv0595