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  1. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Hi, i have owned a 99 plate mk1 1.6 for 5 years best car i have ever had always had ford but the focus is the best if any thing happened to it i would have another one tomorrow it add belt dun 80k now dun 124k the only thing i have dun since i have had the car is rear trail arm bushes water pump battery anti roll bar drop link abs senser. brakes tyres oil change but that's just normal. never had a coil pack. it as never let me down yet .
  2. Brakes

    Hi thanks for the advice all i will go for disc then
  3. Brakes

    i am going to change the axle. the one that's on is very rusty. so i fort wail i was changing it i would put one on with disc brakes .
  4. Brakes

    hi i am going to change the rear axle on my mk1. it as got drum brakes on. can i put one on with disc brakes. with same handbrake cable or do i have to change it. forgot to mention its got ABS and traction control.
  5. Exhaust Studs Size

    Hi what size is the exhaust manifold studs that scruw in to the haed i need size .some of mine are bolts
  6. Rear Hub Nut Size

    Hi what size is the rear hub nut on 99 mk1. iv,e looked on net some say 29mm and some say 30mm thanks
  7. Help

    I don't smell it all the time just now and a again if it was a crack in the exhaust it would be blowing wouldn't it
  8. Help

    i can only smell it if the window is down
  9. Help

    no exhaust system is OK.don't smell it all the time.could o2 sensor be on its way out.
  10. Help

    there does,nt seem to be a leak coming from the injectors would,nt it be wet if it was leaking there.
  11. Help

    I can anyone tell my why i can some times smell petrol when i pull-up with the window down i cant smell it all the time just now and again. it does,nt mater if the tank is full or not, i don't think its a leak or i would smell it all the time, is it something on its way out thanks.
  12. Map Sensor

    does the zetec-s have a map sensor. if so where is it located
  13. Pinking

    no it was not pinking on v-power it was OK. it as only started doing it when i put normal unleaded in again.
  14. Pinking

    mine as got one i can see it behind the inlet manifold.
  15. Pinking

    its add some fuel cleaner in changed fuel filter air filter is OK could knock sensor be Brok or could it be because i have changed fuel run it on v-power now run it on normal from jet.