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  1. Help!! Crankshaft Sensor

    Hi everyone, i have a focus zetec 1.6 2000 w reg i have had 3 new crank sensors in the last 2 weeks . Two weeks ago my car developed a missfire then the same day the engine just cut out wile driving and would not start, had a mobile mechanic !Removed! out to it and he says there was no spark atall an then says it could be the crankshaft sensor so i get 1 fit it, perfect it solves everything runs great then 3 days later i have a missfire again so i check the sensor again and it appears that it has been worn down so i get another sensor 3 days later i have a missfire again so i check the sensor agian and it had been completly worn away , so i now have a fird sensor in and it has done it again but iv been driving it for the last couple of days with a missfire and it is really doing my head in i really need sum help has anyone had this problem before ? or can any one please help any coments would be appreciated thanks .
  2. Crank Sensor And Ecu

    hi guys im new to the forum, basicly bought my ford focus 2000 1.6i zetec last week ran great then couple of days having the car it developed a missfire and ran really lumpy i changed the ht leads and coil pack and got new plugs and fuel filter even changed the lambda sensor on the exaust still ran exactly the same so decided to take it on the motorway to see if it would clear if i gave it a bit of a run then after cuming off the motorway i was driving home an the car just cut out and would not start so i got toad home and got a mobile mechanic out to it and they plugged the diagnostic machine in and it came up with nothing then he checked if there was a spark and there wasnt so he said that it could be crank sensor failing that the ECU . Any ideas any comments appreciated as im new to injection engines. and also is it possible to just go to a scrap yard and get an ecu of an exact same model and try that ? thanks .