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  1. ESP symbol lit

    Focus 2008 hatch 1.8 petrol. Just noticed that the ESP (stability program) symbol has lit up, showing steadily. Owners handbook is confusing, (no surprise there), says it should flash when ESP is operating and if it comes on when driving to have it checked immediately. To be honest I haven't noticed any change whatsoever in the handling. Advice appreciated, please.
  2. I'd like to add Molyslip to the gearbox of my 2008 1.8 petrol Focus. But where is the filler plug and how do I get to it? Do I have to jack it up and remove the under-engine shield or is there a simpler way?
  3. How To Remove A Door Liner?

    Thanks, Leonard and Charlie, I almost got the liner removed but didn't have a flat-blade screwdriver long enough to get out the popper in the top edge. May have another go at it later. You have to be a bit brutal with those poppers! A couple actually came out of the liner rather than the door.
  4. 2008 Focus 1.8 petrol hatchback. I was forgetful enough to leave my drivers-side window fully down overnight (the sort if thing you do when you are getting on a bit!) and although I managed to dry out the seat & carpet and all the electrics seem to have survived OK I would like to remove the plastic inner liner to make sure that no water is laying inside to cause trouble later. But there is no obvious way of getting it off, no visible screws or poppers, etc. No doubt a Haynes manual would tell me but I got fed up with shelling out fifteen quid or whatever when I don't need 95% of the info it contains...does anyone ever do an entire engine or gearbox strip and rebuild?!
  5. Clutch

    Just been quoted "worst case" £476. That's for parts, labour, VAT and includes the cost of refacing the flwheel if necessary. This is for a 2008 Zetec 1.8 petrol. The damage was done when I had problems manoevuring my caravan on a very sloping campsite, I was suprised and disappointed at how easily it happened, but the guy at Mr Clutch reckoned 'they' (I presume he meant Focuses) are notorious for it.
  6. Molyslip In Gearbox?

    I use my 2008 Focus 1.8 petrol Zetec hatch to tow a lightweight caravan. I am thinking of adding Molyslip to the gearbox in the belief that it will help with the additional load on the gears. Good idea or not?
  7. Frost Cover

    I want to buy a good quality half-cover (screen, windows and rear only) for frost protection for my 08 Focus hatch. Seen lots of ads on Google but none of them actually say they are for a hatch and at around 45 quid I don't want to order one only to find it's too small also I don't want the hassle of returning it. Anyone bought such a thing recently or know where I can get one?
  8. Thanks for that, taffg. Modern cars are a wonder of technology, the trouble is you hardly dare touch any thing for fear of catastrophic cosequences! No such worries with my first motor, an old 100E van; the highest technology there was the vacuum-operated wipers, which worked more slowly the faster you went! :)
  9. Focus 08 1.8 Zetec. Is it safe to put a charger straight on to the battery in the car or should I first disconnect the battery leads? If I do disconnect, is there a routine that must be followed to reconnect after charging? (There was with my old Corsa, or all sorts of crazy things happened!) I find the instrument illumination much too bright at night. According to the owners manual there is a dimmer swich on the right-hand side, next to the headlamp level adjuster....except there ain't! Am I missing something?
  10. Air Conditioning

    Thanks for this, Artscot. I'm fairly sure it's air con not climatronic. I'm just a tad concerned that it won't be up to the job if & when we get some seriously hot weather. We'll see what they say when I take it in for the check on Thursday.
  11. Air Conditioning

    The air conditioning on the Dec 2008 1.8 Zetec I bought a couple of months ago was not working at all. The Ford dealer seviced it and it's now working but not, I feel, as effectively as it should. I checked the output with a thermistor gauge; with the outside temp at 25deg the aircon got down no lower than 7deg, which feels cool but not cold. In the Vauxhall Corsa I had the lowest setting gave a blast of almost freezing cold. I've got to take it back to the dealer for them to check for leaks (they put in a tracer dye) but would it be possible to find out what the actual performance temperatures are supposed to be?
  12. Is it possible and /or advisable to have a 1.8 Zetec petrol engine remapped? I'm interested in better torque and fuel consumption, not raw power. Would it invalidate the manufacturers warranty? (Car is 18 months old.) Would affect or invalidate insurance?