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  1. Tdci Cold Start

    Glow plug always lights up on my 2010 1.6TDCI. Usualy for less than a second. No problems starting even in -18C that we had at the end of 2010 in NE Scotland. Glow plug lamp stayed lit for 2-3 seconds when it was that cold. I just waited until it went out before cranking the engine. Not sure if most folk do this but you should also dip the clutch when you're starting to give the starter/battery an easier time as it stops it having to turn the gearbox shaft
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Get about 50mpg from my 2010 1.6TDCI Titanium. Daily commute is about 13 miles each way with about 5 of those in town with stop/start traffic.
  3. How's Your Car In Snow ?

    Pretty rubbish! My 2010 1.6TDCI Titanium is better than my ex's 2008 1.4 Zetec but it is not good. I reckon the extra weight of the diesel engine helps a bit. Before this car I was driving a 2003 BMW 325i Touring M Sport with 225s on the front and 255s on the rear. In the snow at the beginning of the year I was impressed at how well the car coped. I'd heard lots of horror stories about BMWs and Mercs but as far as I'm concerned, it's all unfounded. Personally I'd rather have a heavy RWD car than a light FWD. Of course ideally I'd be in an Audi Quattro with winter tyres!
  4. Very confused about the engine in my Fiesta

    When we sold our VW Lupo, the boyfriend of the buyer was paying £360 a month for insurance on his MGF. We were paying that for a year on our A4!
  5. Very confused about the engine in my Fiesta

    Try Ford ETIS for details of the car. It's free to register and just sticking the reg or VIN in will give you quite a bit of info about the car. HTH Dave
  6. Rear damage

    Father-in-law has said he'll pay and I want to avoid another insurance claim as we have an ongoing one after our A4 was written off in January. The other driver has been charged and we expect him to have to take 100% of the blame. However, regardless of fault the insurance companies will always find a way to increase your premium. I'll take it in for some quotes on Friday
  7. Rear damage

    Anyone had to have the following repaired/replaced? Just wondering what sort of bill I'll be looking at. It's an 08 5dr in Panther black. Tailgate. Has a nick in the side. May be repairable Rear bumper. £300 or so IIRC. Rear quarter panel (5 door). Bashed in about 2-3 inches just below the light cluster In-laws managed to bash our car today by reversing it into one of our bay windows. They're supposed to be here to help me out with the kids after my wife had an accident. I'm finding that all they're doing is increasing my stress levels! TIA Dave
  8. MPG.

    Our 1.4i Zetec is only averaging low to mid 30s after almost 8k which I feel is pretty poor. Most of its journeys are just under 20 miles with a mix of about 75% twisty B roads and the remainder slow/stop-start urban. However, even on longer runs I've not seen over 40. It'll be due its first service soon and I'll get it checked then. On a side note, the performance doesn't seem too good as I was out-dragged by a previous model 1.2 Corsa the other day! Although I recently had a current model 1.4 Corsa on hire and that was trully awful.
  9. 1.4 Zetec A/C question

    Though I'd put an update in. Dealer has rechecked against other similar models and they all do it. Appears to be a characteristic. Not too happy but since I won't be driving it too much I'll live with it. Other than that, quite happy with the car. Maybe a little thirsty (getting around 34MPG) but it goes well enough.
  10. 1.4 Zetec A/C question

    Hi This is my first post here so a bit of an introduction first We've just bought a new 5dr 1.4 Zetec Climate. Got a great deal as we're not bothered about waiting got the latest model and this car will be mainly used for commuting. Our other car is an A4 1.9PD 130 Sport Now the question. When I switch on the AC, I feel it kick in but then it kicks in and out every 10 seconds which is really annoying when travelling at a fairly constant speed as I can feel the kick in the small of my back. Is this normal??? Our last few cars have all had full climate control and bigger engines but even my Mum's Jazz doesn't behave this way. I've had it back to the dealer and been out with a mechanic who doesn't think it's normal but I just wanted to know if this was a known fault that's easy to fix or if this is going to drag on! Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Cheers Dave