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  1. Mondeo 2002 Hard Start

    Thank u for u'r reply yes the oil is 5w/30 A1 castrol magnatec,i belive the best oil on the market. now i was study a bit better when is starting easy and when starts hard. hot (if i drive the car for 6-7 min) is starting allmost all the time on first crank,but if i try after 15-20min give me problems let's say the chance to start easy is about 60-70%, when is geting just warm?(lets say after just 3-4min of drive) when i try to start it the chance to start easy is 40-50%, when is cold(first start in the day) the chance to start easy is 70-80%.. yes it was scaned by Ford main dealer and no fault code found,the main dealer did a fuel presure test and it was ok,before and after the main dealer i scan the car by my self and a friend wich is a car electrician and same no codes,and same thing on fuel pressure everything ok. now about rpm my mondeo rpm nedle when is working nice and very smooth is just 1mm under the 750 rpm line,but even when is idleing bad the needle is in the same place but the engine is not smooth,seems like is trying hard to work. ford garage they said never see something like this,and they don't know what's wrong,by the way i see few more independent mecanics but the engine was working ok so they wasn't able to make an opinion,and other was lifting them shoulders because they didn't know why the engine doesn't start or why is idle so bad. but the most weird thing is when is idleing bad if i push short(just a shok) the accelerator let's say goes up to 1500rpm than is working fine!!! what the hell could be? all the pipes and hoses are good i check them today....so i swear is !Removed! me off. on the road is a nice car quik in off and very stable,nicer than my old 02 passat(just more stable). anyway thank's again for u'r replay and sorry for my english,i think i will wait for my hollyday when i go home and i will fix it there.
  2. hallo everyone. i have a mondeo mk3 1.8 lx duratec he engine. i got this car 1 month ago. first off all after two days the mil lamp came on,i did a quick scan and it was a missfire on cylinder no3,i replace the coil pack,ht leads and spark plugs,so was ok for 3-4 days,no more missfire even now,the problem is sometime is starting very hard even with the engine hot. i did a fuel pressure test and looks ok. so lets say when is not starting on the first atempt even if the engine is turned for up to ten times, all the time is starting on the second atempt at first turn,when is not starting on the first turn if i press the accelerator is starting and running somehow rough low rpm's under 750 than comes up to 750 but still not running smooth, but if i press short again the accelerator it's running very well. all i want to mention everything i said it's happening randomly with the engine hot,worm or cold. any ideeas? what could be? the idle air control valve it's new,all filters new,oil new......