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  1. Bye Bye Zetec S Tdci, Helloooooo Titanium :)

    I believe that when using voice activation for phone numbers you are only using numbers that are stored in the cars directory and not your phone numbers, so you will have to store your more used numbers into the cars memory to be able to use voice activation. Hope this helps.
  2. 2003 Tdci 6 Speed Wont Go Into Gear

    Sounds like clutch release bearing mechanism has gone if it goes into gears whilst engine stood, but will not go into gears with clutch down and engine running. Have you tried this - Engine off put into 2nd gear, then turn engine over, car should jump along untill engine starts and car will drive as normal, you should then be able to change gear normally by pulling lever into higher gears with NO accelerator used and change down gears by "blipping throttle" between gears as you have gear lever between gears. When having to stop at junction etc just pull gear lever into neutral and stop car, turn engine off, engage 2nd gear and restart engine and get car moving again etc. This is obviousley a temp measure, takes a bit of getting used to but I have succesfully used it to get me home when my hydraulics went on my clutch nearly 70miles from home. It will not hurt anything so long as engine revs are used correctly whilst changing down. I often change gears without clutch just for the hell of it. If the car drives as normal it is the clutch engagement mechanism that has gone.
  3. Abs Quandry

    I had a similar problem on my fiesta, abs light was on all the time and when braked the rears especially locked up so abs was definetly NOT working. Took car to Ford as it was only 2 yrs old and they found that the ABS pump module was faulty, cost me £800 to have job done. Could have bought a recon unit from ebay etc but would still have had to take to Ford to have the computers reset or whatever they tell us they do, with no guarantee that the recon unit was 100%. Cost of that route was approx £500, so I bit the bullit and payed full amount with peace of mind that there was a 12mth guarantee on ABS pump module and it would fix the problem.
  4. Bad Brakes

    If you pump the brake pedal up and down quickly does the brake pedal come back up and also become firm ? If so there could be air in the system, if so there is probably a fluid leak on a brake cylinder, as posted above check brake fluid level.
  5. Windscreen Washers

    I have a 2004 mondeo ghia with headlamp wash. The headlamps wash fine, but the front and rear washer pressur is very poor. Are 2 pumps involved ? How do I get to the washer pumps if there are 2 and is it a big job ? Thanks for any help.
  6. New Key And Reprogramming

    Hi my wife has just managed to loose a remote key for her 2011 mk7 titanium fiesta, anyone any ideas where to buy a new one from ? How do I get a blade recut ? And how would I reprogramme it bearing in mind that it will have a patts system for security in use. Here's hoping that I do not have to go to Ford. HELP please
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Key Lock Covers

    Anyone out there know where I can get a drivers door lock cover, as I don't need to use the key so long as remote works o.k and I think the door lock spoils the look of the door handle.
  8. How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

    Had my fiesta re-gassed and serviced at kwik fit approx 2mths ago and blows really cold now. Bloke told me that it is re-gassed automatically while coupled to thier m/c and it will not continue with the re-gas if the m/c detects a leak.
  9. Headlight Washers

    I think they will be a fail for mot as they are a requirement to be fitted with zenons. As regards one not popping up, they work on water pressure as the sprays work against a spring. You should be able to just pull them up by hand at any time against a spring that then pulls them back down once the water pressure stops. Are there any water leaks under your car when operating the washers, if so i suggest the plastic tube has become dislodged and if you cannot pull the washer out by hand it sounds like the spring mechanism could be jammed. Hope this helps.
  10. Mk4 Fiesta Aircon

    Just to let you know, had system recharged and de-bugged ? at Kwick Fit for £69 and everything is working like new. Thanks for the quick replys.
  11. Mk4 Fiesta Aircon

    Thanks for the quick answers, I will have it regassed as soon as I can and hope this cures the problem. I will post and let you know. p.s roughly how much would you expect to pay for 'regassing'
  12. Mk4 Fiesta Aircon

    Just put aircon on today for first time in quite a while and noticed that the revs on engine don't rise anymore and the aircon does not seem to be working ??? Checked fuse and is o.k, also the switch light is comming on as if aircon should be working. Does anyone know if it may require a recharge and if it did would this make the system stop working, i.e revs no longer rising etc. Any help/pointers as to the problem will be appreciated.
  13. 2003 Mondeo Keyless Entry

    Hi a wile back my sons focus remote key went u/s. We got one off ebay and reprogrammed it as per internet instructions and it worked fine. Only problem you havve is that you don't have the actual metal key part so you will probablly have to get one from Ford, but you may be able to get the actual metal key part from a locksmiths like Timpsons and then put it into a remote fob bought from ebay, should be a lot cheaper. All Mk3 modeos are remote central locking,
  14. 130 Bhp Tdci

    I am taking my 130 bhp 2ltr tdci mondeo to the Nurbergring at the end of july. Any way i can up the performance, chiping etc without blowing it up ?
  15. Wheel Alignment

    The reason i am asking how a garage would be able to do rear wheel alingment, is that as far as i am aware there is no adjustment on rear tracking other than fitting new suspension bushes, unlike the front where the track rod ends have threads that can be adjusted onto steering rack. No doubt someone will enlighten me.