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  1. I connected my i phone today again and i do not get any music playing via the blutooth. No matter how i set the radio to start up. Does it matter what bluetooth module is installed in your car for this to happen.
  2. Help Please With I Phone

    I have an I phone 4 I have not had any problems as of yet. Im able to browse my numbers on the centre console, i dont get get the problem of the music playing via bluetooth and am able to make and recieve calls without any problems.
  3. Just from my experience with an i phone 4 i dont have this problem it connects to the bluetooth fine and doesnt play the music by the bluetooth.
  4. Ipod Help Mk7

    Disconnect the battery to reset the radio. Then try reconnecting you dont need a radio code as the mk 7 doesnt use one..
  5. Stung By Car Insurance

    Nope no way around it. In the eyes of an insurance company any claim made is fault claim on your part until proven otherwise in writting from the other insurance comp. You should of called the police at the refusal and blocked them from leaving.
  6. Well, I Finally Did It!

    Check the underside if the front bumper to make sure that the nose hasnt been scraped, make sure you have a spare wheel and jack as well you never know when you might need it and on a smaller note i reccomend the anti slip matt for the boot it makes it easier to clean the boot when you have to. Otherwise enjoy your car when you get it.
  7. Breaks Are Doing My Head In

    Sounds like a small bit of surface rust on the discs. This is normal and the rust will wear off after you have breaked a few times. My mk7 does the same when i fire it up after not using it for a few days. If you are worried it is metal on metal check the discs to see of there is scoring on them it will be visably obvious if there is.
  8. Which Fiesta Is This?

    If I were you i would run a hpi check. The only time I have ever seen a zs that low was on autotrader as it was a rebuilt cat c insurance write off. I Bought my zs 2nd hand from fareham car supermarket and haggled them down to 9.5K and that had 6000 on the with usb/bluetooth, parking sensors and street pack. Im not saying dont get a fiesta but that sounds wrong post the link where you found it. If you want a rough idea for what you will have to pay look at the prices they sell fiestas for on the hendy dealers then minus 2k if you plan to buy private or independent.
  9. Car Advice

    Yes you would have to tell your insurance company. After any accident regardless of who is at fault the insurance company engineer will come out to inspect your car if they find any mods like suspension and wheels they report that back to the insurance company. The insurance company will then void your policy so you would then be completly liable even if the accident wasnt your fault. If a policeman pulls you over and they will espcially in Portsmouth which i know well they will fully inspect your car for mods they will then compare this to your insurance policy which they have access to and if they find things not declared they will sieze the car and you will get 6 points for no valid insurance. The no claims for named drivers will proberly only apply to direct line other insurance companies dont have to accept a no claims for named drivers however after a year of driving as a named driver your insurance will proberly drop to around the £900 mark but dont expect on renewal for other insurance companies to honour a named drivers no claims. If you have your head set on a fiesta you dont need to mod it its good enough as it is Im sure many other members will agree with me on this point.
  10. Car Advice

    The highest trim level you can get on a 1.25 is a zetec. There is no point in putting 18 Inch wheels on first of all its unlikly they will fit, even if they could fit you would proberly have to change the entire suspension not just the springs so it could run them and tyres for 18 inc wheels are very expensive ive got the 17's on mine and when it comes to replacing them which will be soon it will cost me £350-£400 i gurrentee you 18's will cost more than that. Your insurance company will absolutly hammer you as well if you put aftermarket wheels or springs on. To give you an idea of what you will be paying i sold my mums old 2002 1.0L corsa life to someone of your age and position it had no aftermarket mods on it. The car was valued at £2100 and the person who bought it had to pay neary £1300 to insure it. I am 100% certain that your insurance will be considerably more then that mainly as a 2nd zetec will cost you at the very least £9000.
  11. 1St Central Insurance

    My insurance is around £850 for a zs 1.6 petrol with sp30 and two fault and that is with elephant.
  12. Fiesta Mk8 Spare Wheel

    Try using this seller on ebay and give them a call they seem to sell a lot of new style fiesta parts although the jack in this listing is sold they will proberly be selling one again i guess. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FIESTA-2009-NEW-SHAPE-JACK-WHEEL-BRACE-AND-TOW-EYE-KIT_W0QQitemZ270569140043QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item3eff2d6f4b In terms of the jack point it is about a full flip key length and a half away from the wheel arch you will have to get on the floor and look under as the indentation point is very small but it is there.
  13. Fiesta Mk8 Spare Wheel

    Basically the wheel size you need is 175/65 R14 if you look on ebay they sell them on there. To see where the jack point is you will have to get on the ground and line the jack up under the car. The points are a fully flipped out key and a half from each wheel arch.
  14. Mk7 A/c Operation

    Yep perfectly normal you should here the click when you press the reserculate button.
  15. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    Me personally it doesnt seem worth the money. Paying over a grand for 20bhp doesnt seem worth it. Your insurance will go up and mpg will drop costing you more.