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  1. S-MAX reverse sensor

    I am in need of some help please with my reverse sensors as they have stopped working completely as if there is no power. The button on the dash does not light up anymore as if the fuse has blown but I have checked and it is ok, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. S-Max 56 Fly Wheel Problem

    Hi there,can anyone tell me if anyone has had any probs with there clutch, my car is a S-Max 56 plate from new with 59.000 miles on the clock,3 months out of warrenty and its been confirmed my fly wheel is a gonna,so now i need a whole new clutch,i only just had a new power steering pump fitted,its bringing tears to my eyes,i feel like ive been fitted up by ford with apile of crap of a car thats constantly costing me money to repair.
  3. Power Steering Malfuntion

    I have had my Ford S-Max Titanium 56 from new and had many,many problems from wipers going off even with no key in,windows staying down,sensors not working,air bag malfuntion,brake bulbs always going,front lights malfuntion,boot locking for days on end.With all these problems solved i was looking forward to happy days,until this morning on the school run i got a steering malfuntion then the steering locked up,i stopped the car scratching my head,so i turned the engine off and started again with no probs,managed getting kids to school and got home with no more hiccups,does anyone have any idea as to a possible solution,,,really dont want to give car up as i love it.
  4. Dtc Codes

    Ive just done a self diagnostic test on my Ford S-Max Titanium 56 and it came up with 4 error codes ( c 15100 ), ( c 42268 ) , (c 41568 ) , (c 42068 ),does anyone know where you can find out what they mean, other than going to Ford directly,,,:)
  5. S-Max 56 Fly Wheel Problem

    Yes it is a diesel but unsure about dual mass flywheel :(
  6. smax official trouble topic

    Hi there i have the same problem with my car and i had to have a brand new one fitted,i looked on ebay for a cheaper one but they were an extra £100 dearer than ford,just hope you have better luck.
  7. Power Steering Malfuntion

    yep you were right the pump has finally gone which makes driving near impossible,ordered a new one from ford which was £100 cheaper than i could find on ebay, but it still breaks my heart as im only 4 weeks out of warrenty :(