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  1. Ac Not Working

    Thanks guys, its due for mot so wool get him to have a look x
  2. Ac Not Working

    Hi all. I've had my focus for couple years and never really tried the AC. It doesn't appear to be working. I switch on the AC with blowers and cool air does come through but only cool air not like it should when on AC . Can the AC be re- gassed. I don't know anything about the ac because this is my first car with the option. Thanks guys
  3. Anti Freeze

    Thanks, feel bit more at ease about using it now. Zev
  4. Anti Freeze

    Hi , Happy 2012 to you all hope you all have a wonderful year. I'm confused about my anti freeze. My original anti freeze in my car is the OAT which is a sort of fluorescent orange/pink colour. I bought a ready mixed bottle from Halfords which is same colour, I bought another one the other day from T.M.S which is described as OAT, but is more of a red colour and not fluorescent. I'm confused now is it still ok to use as the colour is differant. If your wondering why I'm buying so much its because I have a leak, my mechanic tells me my external pump is faulty. I am having a new pump next month when my bank balance has gotton over Christmas. zev :D
  5. Water Level

    My car will be having a service in the next couple weeks so will have it checked then. Thanks Zev
  6. Water Level

    Hi Airflow, I have noticed a slight fluid spot on my drive but there wasn't any fluid spots through the summer. My friend suggested its condensation, since the weather has cooled the fluid spot on my drive has returned, but I've still had coolant loss throughout. Mmm strange but as you say I will try a different cap 1st. Fingers crossed a new cap will fix the problem an it is just condensation from the engine. Zev
  7. Water Level

    Yes sorry the coolant. I've been using a ready mixed coolant. Its the orange/pink coolant used by ford or so I hear. I'll get the mechanic to have a look to see what's going on. Thanks for your reply. Zev
  8. Water Level

    Hi all I'm here again. I've just topped up my water level. My question is how often should it be topped up as I only did it a couple months ago. This could be normal for the focus. My last car was a vectra and I topped it once a year. Zev
  9. Exhaust Smell

    Can't say I've noticed the gas smell when its warm. Isn't it funny how you suddenly notice something that's probably been there all the time, think its probably paranoia in my case. haha. Thanks guys. Zev
  10. Exhaust Smell

    Thanks Lenny I have noticed it has been using a bit more fuel. I will use the additive you suggest and see if that helps .
  11. Exhaust Smell

    Hi all need advice. My focus has been smelling of gas lately mainly on a cold start. The car is performing ok. I've never come across this before any ideas of what this problem may be. Zev
  12. Fuel Light

    I've read somewhere 10 litres , I've looked at my manual and there's nothing about the fuel light flashing. I've never took the chance and let the fuel get so low. I was once told it clogs up the filter, don't know if that's a true fact. Zev
  13. Key Fob Problem.. Help Me!!!

    Not tried it on my focus, but with my old vectra I had to lock the door manually ,turn the key in the ignition till the dash lit up and then press the open button on the fob. Zev
  14. Cam Belts

    The vectra was 9 years old with 70k on the clock. I knew nothing about cam belts at the time. So I was naturally cautious when I bought my focus last year. Seeing as the salesman had no info on the cam belt I persuaded him to fit me one at no cost to me. So at least now I have no worries for a few years. Zev
  15. Cam Belts

    Come to think of it john there was a rattle right before the car broke down. So yes it was probably the tensioner. Zev