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  1. Starter Motor Spinning

    No it's a 1999 MkII Zetec. I have owned the car for 7 un-troubled years and was thinking about selling it next week. So it probably got upset about it lol. It's a great car with 132,000 on it but getting it repaired may seem a bit silly when the car is only worth £350 probably?
  2. Hi chaps, I got into the car today and for the first time ever the starter motor did not engage and started spinning. I recharged the battery as it went flat trying but still no joy. I then tried again keeping it spinning in 2nd gear with clutch depressed then selected neutral for 7 seconds and it then seemed to engage and fired up. Since then it has worked with no problem on about 7 atempts. What do you think was causing it not to engage? And should I think about getting it to a garage before I'm completely stranded? Thanks.