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  1. Rain Sensors

    i have the auto function on my car as picked up from scrappy also with dash dim so would be interested in how auto lights are fitted if possible regards to mirror one wire is to lights when on other to earth thats how i done mine all works fine
  2. Valeting

    well i used to do valeting depending on the state of car normally for me take up to 4-5hrs this would invovle(inside) complete hoover clean all panels vents roof panels then dress the plastic trim with either a matt finish or shine depending windows polished all door shuts were done including engine bay the car was then jet washed and then removing any tar with tar/glue remover alloys were cleaned using a alloy cleaner windows cleaned then a complete polish tyres dressed with a tyre shine if upholstery needing cleaning then would use a upholstery cleaner pet hair was painstakenly removed belive had some bad ones and never have cut corners 4x4s take longer i had farm ones that can take upto 8 hours again depending and you wouldnt have known there been used on the farm so really looking for someone to valet you need to shop around and ask other people who they have used in your area some good some are bad and take in account it does take time to do a proper job but to be honest as mentioned you probaly get the pleasure doing it your self just need a decent hoover and kit and plenty of time and !Removed! decent weather inless got a garage tip when cold and trying to clean interior windows have a tendency to mist up in this weather (heat from yourself)just tick car over with blower on till cleaned take photo before and after not saying though what i have done all valeters do so ask if you intend to have done but personally no offence would avoid supermarkets as they are rushed and no time in your car
  3. hi craigy need your help, i saw you posted up saying that you fitted in a 2008 focus headunit in a 2006 model. Well i've got a focus 2006 with square HU and wanted to fit in pioneer avic f9220bt which is made for the oval shape (2008-2010) can you tell me how i should do this. Thanks!

  4. Factory Fit Electric Windows

    hi all just a update on this matter well i finally got all windows to go up and down by the 4 way window switch at front but long came problems i could have window half way down and when wanting to put up i couldnt i had to switch off wait few minutes then i could control them this wouldnt happen all the time just when it felt like it so in the end i ripped them all out more hassle than its worth lol but thanks to all replys
  5. Sony Mp3

    hi all just wondering if any one can give me the answer on how i can enable the telephone on the sony mp3 player i have the bluetooth module fitted which i found already in my car and connected to my stereo so when the phone rings player cuts out and i can answer and hear through my speakers in car i notice theres buttons with green phone red phone and also phone which when pressed just mutes radio also if accessing menu theres nothing for bluetooth on there can these be enabled to dial out on radio by going to ford does anyone know if this is the case how much all help appreciated cheers in advance
  6. Power Steering Failure

    let us know how you get on did you ask if there was a recall on this issue at all
  7. Whats A Good Cd Player For My Mk 2 Focus?

    sorry to butt into post the sony mp3 player do ford do a software update for this stereo as i have bluetooth module in my car and wondering how you can use the stereo to ring out if thats possible as on main menu theres no bluetooth cheers for advice in advance
  8. Power Steering Failure

    if you pull the drivers headlight out theres one behind there but you dont need to service or top up hth ive had same problem and mines 2006 tdci only happened once never done again i did read there was a recall on similar issue but i think it was for 2007 onwards something to do with replacing pipes i would give ford a ring and see if there was a recall on that issue for your model
  9. Looking For 2X Front Fog Light Bulb Holders

    i think best bet for them are a scappy or ebay or (ford )but if i remember correctly there not cheap about 20.00 each as bulb is attatched to them (from ford)
  10. Polish

  11. Clifford Alram Install Gone Wrong

    the reason that light will say door open and light up on dash will be one of the wires going from the drivers door into the interior had same problem with mine took me a while to suss it but if this wire becomes disconected or cut it will give that warning and also keep interior light on its a thin black wire when you look at loom in drivers door pain to get out next to the speaker wires (white white purle)theres a wire there thats the one you need to trace hth (this is on 2006 focus unsure what model yours is so unsure if this help you)
  12. ST170 IMRC stuck Open

    read my post above m8 im sure your find your need to replace box if not sure rip it out and open it up seems to be common problem hth
  13. Factory Fit Electric Windows

    well as from today back to square one i have the 4 way switch in drivers door controling passenger side and drivers side and i can get rear to go down when pressing the button down on the drivers side 4 way switch and when pressing up ha ha it goes down if i swap a wire around when i press down it goes up and when i press up it goes up the switch in the rear controls window up and down with no problems so bit lost at moment
  14. Factory Fit Electric Windows

    i might have sussed this out ill keep you informed incase anyone else is interested
  15. Quick Question

    cheers for replys i popped into ford see if they would know as they have a list of parts for your reg it never come up with my car having one but i swear it did oh well never mind im not to fussed its just i had few issues on where my car got fixed having to go back 3 times to get sorted and on inspection i noticed this part missing but i couldnt be 100% sure so never mentioned to them in the end