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    Fiesta Metal Green Arrow

    Was this on your car from the factory or did it come on while you were enabling other features? I have a 2010 Zetec S diesel and i have never seen a green arrow to tell me to change gear.
  2. ken

    Door Seals Peeling

    Damn it, i had mine done under warranty the 1st time but the 2nd time they said bring it in and we'll take a look. they fixed it but said it was out of warranty and charged me £30 (car would only have been about 15 months old), i hate my local dealer!
  3. ken

    Squeal When Turning

    I had this one my fiesta, when turning left between 30 and 40 mph. So I took it back to ford and all they did (or so they said) was dismantle the brakes, clean them up and refit them. there was still plenty of life in the brakes so they didnt replace them. its been fine ever since.
  4. ken

    Poor Build Quality

    I had an annoying rattle coming from the passenger side between the dashboard and the pilla, i wedged a piece of cardboard in there one day and never looked back :-) not the greatest solution but works and i cant see the cardboard either. However like a few others in this thread, i came from always driving 2nd hand BMW's and decided to buy new so bought this 2010 zetec s TDI, however i am pretty confident i will be going back to BMW after this, the interior is just a bit too cheap after the initial Glee of owning a new car wore off.
  5. ken

    Removing Head Unit on New Mk7

    Hi All Yesterday i took the stereo out as i am toying with fitting a replacement and needed to see which version i had. All was going well until it came to take the actual buttons section off, when i pulled this off i had a little black metal clip fly off as well and i cant work out where it came from. I know it must be near the bottom because when it all goes back without it, the bottom (near hazard switch) is still loose. Does any one know where this goes? or even have any photos of the back of the button unit i can have a look at? Thanks in advance Ken
  6. ken

    Mk7 Factory Poll

    Just checked on the ford ETIS and mine was: Built in Niehl Plant Frozen White 1.6 Diesel Zetec S Build date 09.01.2010
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    From the album: Kens 2010 fiesta Zetec S

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    From the album: Kens 2010 fiesta Zetec S

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    From the album: Kens 2010 fiesta Zetec S

  10. ken

    Fiesta Wheel Jack

    That is nuts considering the optional extra when buying the car is £30, in fact my dealer threw it in for free.
  11. ken

    New Ford Sales Campaign

    I got went in to ford two days after the scrappage scheme finished and i got over 2k knocked off a Fiesta Zetec S. Not sure on the exact discount as i havent picked up the car yet (hopefully tomorrow) They are certainly open to giving discounts.
  12. ken

    My Fiesta

    2010 Fiesta Zetec S