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  1. Help With Car Radio/ipod???

    No worries JoeZS19 , if you havent got one already, pick up one of these bad boys: http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_ipod_connector_lead__f_1529487_c_420.htm
  2. Help With Car Radio/ipod???

    The aux input is just a dumb input so it just plays what it receives with no control apart from volume from the car. if you connect to USB as well then it turns into a proper ipod control and you can browse your albums and playlists etc through the car controls and see them on your screen. You can also play things from a USB stick when plugged into the USB port
  3. Help With Car Radio/ipod???

    you should still be able to stream via bluetooth *i think. Ah but i guess you are using an ipod rather than an iphone which would not have bluetooth. i dont know where you can get the module but im sure someone will, i know it goes behind the glovebox and a cable runs from from there to the USB port. once youve got all the parts its a simple DIY. Ken
  4. Radio Controls Not Working

    Another vote for disconnecting the battery - helped with an issue i had a couple of years ago when the whole thing stopped working. Is it updated with the latest firmware?
  5. Help With Car Radio/ipod???

    If you dont have USB i suppose you dont have Bluetooth either, but if you do then you can control your music when you are streaming music via bluetooth, which works well. Other than that you will need to install the USB option and then get the cable which connects to the USB and AUX and it works perfectly. Ken
  6. Changing Dash Display

    If you are talking about the mk7 then which aftermarket headunit has it got? Mine has an aftermarket one and it has a config section where i can set things like indicator settings and miles or KM. There are not many aftermarket stereos for the M7 so you might have the same as me.
  7. Does the AUX port next to the USB go directly to the stereo then? i dont think i even looked while i had my car apart but i dont recall it going into the wiring loom at the back of the stereo...
  8. As mentioned above you can unplug the existing USB cable that goes to the port near the gear stick and plug your own in and put it anywhere. I had to do the opposite with mine because i changed the stereo but wanted to use the existing USB port by the gearstick. So i traced the port back and it lead to the control box under the glove box, i unplugged the cable from there and connected it to my after-market stereo and it works perfectly.
  9. New Stereo Released!

    Ive got the older unit and basically it replaces the screen with a bigger one and the main stereo control unit as well. this is basically a silver box that sits behind the buttons you see and the CD drive is part of that silver box which is replaced. however the front still looks the same because the hole is built into the standard fascia which is kept. as per my picture on the left <------
  10. New Stereo Released!

    Any news on this? i would be keen to compare the old and the new versions
  11. Hi All Anyone know where i can get hold of the stereo pin out? i am talking about the buttons from the front panel here not the main unit because i have those. I think there is 14 pins on the plug to the button panel and i just want to know which pin does what. Thanks Ken
  12. R.i.p Fiesta

    You mentioned that you have GAP insurance, does that mean you get the full price you paid for the car back rather than just what its worth now? Not nice to know that Ford warranty isn't worth much.
  13. Do you not find you get glare on the windscreen from the white above the stereo/screen? one of my old cars had a dash sprayed white/light grey and it looked great but cause quite bad glare/reflection in the windscreen on a sunny day.
  14. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    I cant remember exact figures but I've had 500+ miles out of a tank quite a few times as i generally drive pretty sedately. i have to really considering i have to drive 100 miles a day to get to work and back, if i didn't i would be bankrupt lol Since owning the car, (2.5 years now) my average fuel consumption is 59.8 and considering i do have the odd lead foot driving session when on the way to rugby or somewhere, i think thats damn impressive! Ive never done a pure motorway drive mpg test, i imagine staying at 70 on the motorway would get pretty high mpg figures but as my journey to work is all b roads through villages and what not i don't get to test the mpg properly
  15. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    from what i can see, there are 4 wires coming from each set of buttons yet only 7 entering the white connector block... there is defintely no other connector block there is however an earthing point and 2 spade connectors has that added to your confusion?? As Nath said earlier, its probably easier to just get the full steering wheel (have i mentioned that i have one for sale lol ;) )
  16. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    As per Jack's request for photos of the connecter from a steering wheel with cruise control: If these are not right, just let me know.
  17. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    well if anyone wants a steering wheel then i have one... Turns out my car doesnt have the required wiring :-( so i cant do this mod. (should have checked before i bought one Doh!) £80 delivered (which is exactly what i paid), send me a PM if you want it.
  18. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    When you say cable, do you mean the one that is pictured in this photo, coming from the middle with the white connector on:
  19. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    Thanks for the links, i just picked one up as I've been meaning to do this for ages, especially as i am noticing a shiney worn down patch on my current steering wheel where i constantly hold it. And i do 90+ miles a day so CC will come in handy.
  20. Centre Armrest

    Just fitted mine and its superb, didnt take long at all to fit. My only issue is that the holes that the final screws go through to tighten up the arm rest are a bit too small, Just like Nath had above.
  21. Centre Armrest

    Thanks for the info Nath, I will let you know how mine arrives.
  22. Centre Armrest

    Where did you get yours from? looking at http://www.boomerang...fiesta/armrest/ it looks slightly different to the pics you posted. Thanks Ken ***Edit*** Never mind, i saw in their shop they have the EuroSpec one which is £105 so i just bought the one on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110901414915#ht_1466wt_840 Looking forward to it arriving as i have some time off next week i can fit it :-)
  23. Locking Wheel Nuts

    Hi All I dropped my car off at the local tyre place yesterday only to be told they couldn't find my locking wheel nut key anywhere in the car. the last time my wheels were taken off was at Ford when they cleaned my brakes to get rid of the squeaking a few months ago. Now i know they will never own up to this but do they keep spare sets of keys? or are they all unique? I know on my old BMW they just just had about 10 types of different key and they let me try them all to see which one fit my locking nuts, im hoping this will be the same... but being ford i somehow doubt it. Thanks Ken
  24. Locking Wheel Nuts

    I probably do, i bought the car new so i still have everything (apart from the locking wheel nut key lol) Does the card come in the same bag as the key or will it be in the paperwork etc? if its in the plastic bag then i may not have it because thats where my key was...
  25. Locking Wheel Nuts

    Just spoken to Ford and they said to bring the car in and they will check to see if any of the keys they have lying around will fit my wheel nuts. not sure what their plan is after that, will they give me the key, will they ask me to buy a new one etc... i will find out next week as i will go in on monday.