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  1. Happy Birthday Roo!

  2. Hey there all well my current ford theory is in full swing (fixing one problem leads to another) after fixing my doorhandle, the front spring snapped clean in half ¬.¬ anyhoo im trying to source a replacement, that isnt some £200 eibach 40mm lowering kit cheapest i have been quoted from the local garage is £50, so if anyone has one lying about, or knows where to get one in a new / good used condition, then please, let me know oh and by the way, the spring snapped whilst i was washing the car O.o?
  3. the door handle wont push in when yo uhave the door open? sounds sencible to me, maybe a way of stopping you locking your keys in your car, my old citroen had the same idea
  4. Squeegee Vs Chamois

    a tea towel? lol! that cxant be good for paintwork, my dads old laguna looked about 20 years older after he washed it with a dishcloth every week lol i may have to invest in one of these miricle microfiber cloths
  5. Ford Ka 2001 Help ?

    Ebay is probably the best place for cosmetic stuff on your car, everything can be bought from wheels to sideskirts, to those hideous plastic cigarette lighter things Alternatively, do you have a scrapyard local? this is the best place to find spare parts on the cheap, alloy wheels are pretty cheap, and cosmetic stuff like vanity mirrors, door cards, buttons, switches etc can be cheaply found For oily parts, like engine spares, suspention arms or stuff like that, then talk to your local garage, i can never trust important parts that have come form a scrap yard.
  6. Hey all The heater in my sportka has developed a mind of its own, with the blower on speed 1 and the dial on its coldest setting, the car blows cold, until the engine warms up, then it blows hot, then a few miles down the road it blows cold again, then pull up to some traffic lights and it blows hot again. it sounds to me like the heater solinoid valve thingie is in the process of killing itself, i have of course looked under the bonnet, checked that everything is plugged in right, there are no obvious unplugged wires or pipes so, is this the solinoid? or is it something else completely? Many Thanks Roo
  7. someone not like the ford ka? lol i have decided that the spare is staying where it is, so re-routing the exaust is out of the question, could still place a different reverse light and sit a fake exaust tip in the stock reverse light position, but would look odd on cold mornings when the steam is coming from elseware lol and i agree, that stock reverse light looks silly
  8. Squeegee Vs Chamois

    good greif, i didnt realize there was so much to just washing a car lol i always use a jumbo car sponge which is rung dry after each use and stored in a dry garage (away from my dad who leaves everything outside in the rain) the microfibre cloth seems a better idea though, the Chamois are a pain to store and last time i used one it left white streaks all over everything plus my car is 6 years old now, the paint has dulled, its covered in stone chips and is beginning to rust (rust will be sorted this coming summer) so will the mit and seperate cleaning water really make that much of a difference? on a brand new car i can see how it would preserve the paintwork, but on an old car, surely it cant make the paint any better? or reverse ageing
  9. I have always used a Chamois leather to dry the standing water off my car when its washed, however i know alot of people use the car sqeegee's to remove the water, they both seem to work just as well as one another, but which one do you guys use? or even both?
  10. Tyre Weld For Punctures?

    thankyou for the info, i have since had an opinion from ly local tyre garage, his policy is that the tyre is totally useless once you have put that weld stuff inside, and makes people buy a new tyre, at £90 a pop i think ill run a spare lol
  11. Over Feeding Leather?

    aah ok, so the wipes just clean the leather, then feed it every 6 months or so, i shall see if i can grab a bottle of this gliptone stuff thanks for the info, its much appreciated Roo
  12. Over Feeding Leather?

    so these leather feed wipes are no good? what do you clean your leather with?
  13. Hey all Has anyone on the forum replaced there spare tyre with a tin of tyre weld, or another puncture sealing product? if so would you reccomend it? i can see how it would save on weight and space, but just how long of a term solution is this? does it make fixing the puncture at a garage more difficult when covered in foam? does the foam re-inflate the tyre? i have had mixed opinions on google about how effective this stuff is, but i want to hear form someone first hand many thanks Roo
  14. i love a clean car, as im sure everyone does, but i expecially like to keep the interior of mine clean, this is my first ever car with leather appolstry, and as such am rather overkill on its clenliness, the car gets washed once a week regardless of whether it needs it or not, and at the same time the interior gets hoovered, dusted and the leather gets wiped with cleaning / feeding wipes, i do this as it not only smells nice and makes the leather all slippery, but im also under the impression that feeding the leather will keep it better for longer, however, can you overfeed it? is once a week too much? am i actually doing more harm than good? i am not using the liquid feed, just the cleaning wipes that just happen to have feed in them many thanks Roo
  15. Hey there i cant help but think that someware in the ford design department, that the sportka was origionally ment to have a centre exit exaust, then at the last minute put a reverse light there instead. i have seen examples of the exaust been re-routed though the reverse light hole, and think it looks rather nice, plus the act of re-routing it wouldnt be too difficult, however there is 1 thing in the way, the spare tyre, how have people got around this? there is a cavity behind the bumper that could be used as a re-route, however that would mean the exaust would need to be at 90 degree angles, also how difficult is it to A: replace a sportka rear light cluster to an ordinery ka light cluster, and B: how difficult is it to re-wire the reverse light form the round one at the bottom, to the light cluster any help on this is greatly appreciated many thanks Roo