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  1. Hello Eric :]

    You paid 14230!? I'm paying overall £12978 over 3 years and that's including finance for the zetec s tdci!!! Albeit without Bluetooth. Think you could have hammered them well further down if you were paying it outright! You got many other extras? Oh well glad you're enjoying it as much as I am.
  2. Driving Brand New Zetec S

    yeah that's what I thought, it is a different display. But as I say you can't really see it in the brochure properly. I feel a complaint coming on cos my salesman told me it would be exactly the same layout as the test drive but just instead of where it had a phone button, it would be left blank. Kind of annoying. Anyone got a proper photo of it?
  3. Driving Brand New Zetec S

    Another thing I wanted to ask was that, I didn't get the bluetooth or USB and am now just realising that this means I won't have rear speakers and also, is it a different display? just reading the back of the brochure where it says its a 2 line display not a matrix one. This is slightly disappointing as nowhere in the brochure does it show this lower spec display. Anyone got any photos of it? Putting a slight downer on picking up my zetec s :(
  4. Driving Brand New Zetec S

    Yep posted on 2 forums *embarrassed face* Prefer fiesta owners club to be honest cos its split into mk7, mk6 etc. Just seems far too much info on zsoc on older models. Cheers for the help, also was directed to a link that someone was recommending varying all speeds and makng sure you use the whole rev range to ensure a correct seal around the pistons. Seems there is no clear cut common advice apart from ensuring you let it warm up properly. I'll probably just end up driving it normally for a while with the odd surge of power.
  5. Driving Brand New Zetec S

    Hello all, new on here and just sold my 1.4 2004 silver edition fiesta and picking up my new Zetec S 1.6tdci on Saturday :) Just wondering how you all drove your brand new fiesta when you bought it. ie. kept it under certain revs? length of journeys? motorway miles to start with? When can I start thrashing it?? Thanks