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  1. When I bought mine a few months ago the salesman advised thet I keep my hand near the brake button and use it manually, just as I would a normal handbrake. I keep autohold off and don't rely on it. Sadly, I have put the handbrake on a couple of times while attempting to close the car windows - usually after driving my other car where the window buttons are identical to (by feel) and in the same place as, the handbrake switch ... Now what did I say elsewhere about 6 pages of owners manual on how to use the handbrake ...
  2. I don't keep mine plugged in when empty and I don't have any such issues, the warning works as per the handbook. 2020 ST-Line. If its the dealer telling you that, email ford customer care and ask them the question, see what the response is. BTW at prsent they are taking a while to assign a case number and get back to you, I sent a reminder 2 weeks after the original email and they responded a week after that. Coincidentally, the same day that the dealership responded to my written conplaint, though I hadn't identified the dealership to Ford at that time.. UKCRC1@ford.com. Personally I don't think Ford are giving the right training or support to theier dealerships, but that's just my perception based on experience. My poor little brain tells me that Sync3 is separate the software that runs the car, defines how mirrors fold, gives info messages on the dashboard etc. i.e. there are 2 loads of software one for Sync3 and one for the car though there might be some overlap. At least I hope so 'cos the dealer did a software update today, and I had a towbar c/w software changes last week and I'll be cross if they wipe out the towing changes! Its worth exploring the dashboard settings if you have a few hours to spare and are fed up with some stuff. I've disabled the folding mirrors, auto wipers and keyless entry on mine using the menu from the owners manual - the mirrors and wipers 'cos I don't want to risk them activating on frosty mornings, and keyless entry for security. You need to play with this using the steering wheel buttons. People on here talk about using Forscan and changing things yourself - as an ex IT person, while I have it I would be even more cautious than the cautios advisers state, I know only too well of the horrors users can perpetrate when they try and change things! BTW Sync software updates can be downloaded and made by you via the USB socket. I did this and it seemed to work (better than connecting to my home internet). You can also try resetting the system. Do you have the owners War & Peace - oops, sorry, - handbook ( 6 pages of instruction for the handbrake - really)? If not there's an online version here. More information here and here Personally I'm shocked at the level of knowledge owners have to accumulate for even the simplest things, but its less inconvenient - and possibly costly - than getting the dealer to do some of this stuff. Keep a niggle list, and when you visit the dealer keep a record of the outcome. When you get fed up, send the lot to the dealers head office (recorded delivery) and ask how they can restore your confidence in theier business. I have just done so and am in process of having some niggles fixed - to be fair, the service manager of the branch is pulling out the stops, first of all agreeing that the faults exist, and now personally test driving to check the fix. And no, I'm not going to ID them, while they did get things wrong they are now working hard to put things right.
  3. I bought my first diesel about 7 years ago, and a couple of months ago - a Skoda Rapid 1.6tdi 90 Did about 12kpa until Covid set in, when it became much lower. We are retired so no commuting, just days out and local running around. every 3rd or 4th week on a day out I made a point of travelling down the m'way in "Re-GEn" mode i.e what Skoda recommended you do if the DPF light comes on - in that case, about 30 mins at a steady 60 in 4th on the motorway. DPF light never came on while we had the car, bought s/h with 9k miles and sold-on 9within the family) with 75k miles. Or towing the caravan of course really hots things up in the exhaust department! Since buying the Focus a few months ago, I've been doing something similar based on the handbook recommendations, as preventative maintenance (Page 177 of the manual recommends 30mph or above for 20 minutes, see Online Owners manual. We live on the outskirts of Birmingham, and don't do much sitting around in traffic as a rule. If I lived in say, central London I might find things a tad difficult avoiding the sort of non-recommended use. When we bought the Skoda the first thing the salesmen asked was how many miles do you do in a year, rule of thumb was <10k then be aware of the risks. I looked at our projected mileage, and fuel costs based on prices at the time, and the legth of time I anticipated keeping the car (100,000 miles-worth) and compared the fuel savings costs with the potential cost of replacing one DPF. And no, I didn't let Skoda or VW anywhere near the car once dieselgate broke, about 2 weeks after I bought the car! BTW my 120ecoblue averages about 50-55mpg across a tankful of mixed use (using normal or sport mode), with motorway cruising going up to 65mpg - similar to the Skoda in fact, which could achieve 75-80mpg trunding across the North York Moors on the 50mph roads there! (I did once see 130mpg average but this was on the stretch of downhill road from Whinlatter in the lakes!). I've found the computer is about 1% or so pessimistic on the Focus, it was 5-8% optimistic on the Skoda. So if the Focus trip computer says 65mpg, then it probably is. Addendum: The Focus does seem to have a bit of turbo lag compared to the Skoda, but once you get used to it its a very nippy peice of kit, lots of flexibility, even picks up speed quite well from 60 in 6th up a m'way gradient, though 5th is better!
  4. One thing we have found is that having entered our destination, we sometimes finds it takes us somewhere else nearby. Does it less now that we've stopped pointing out where we are going on screen - thus selecting a different destination by touching the screen!
  5. In these days of turbo's the difference is narrowing, you can grab a brochure download and see what the figures are for each variant. I was surprised a while back to find my friends 1.2 Skoda Rapid petrol had torque and fuel consumption stats that weren't too far away from my similar 1.6tdi 90. Anyway, I've attached a snapshot from the 2019MY Focus brochure, which shows some of the petrol and diesel engines and how they compare. 300nm is about 221 foot-lbs (American money!)
  6. As you know its the Torque that counts for towing, then its the gears of course. I've towed my size of 'van (up to 13') many times in the past with a variety of vehicles - smallest being a 1.3 Cavalier (complete with family of 4, bikes etc., 3rd instead of 4th on motorway gradients!), biggest being a 2 litre Cavalier (ditto) with other Astras and Cavlaiers between, torque being between 138 and 170 on most of those. So I'm guessing that 300nm of torque (as opposed to between 170 and 230, or less) should suffice for my needs, while at the same time getting the economy from the smaller engine for the 95% of time I don't have the 'van. Last towed with a Ford way back, an Orion 1.6 - torque was not that great and the engine wasn't as flexible as the Vauxhall's, but the Focus' diesel feels right esp in Sport mode. 'van is about 1100kg MPTLM, I suspect yours is a tad bigger? Only reason for moving on from the Skoda after 6 years or so is its 50kg noseweight limit which makes it more awkward to stow certain items in my nose-heavy caravan now I'm getting on a bit!
  7. Thanks AlexP. From ebay, I offered them up to the car earlier and I think they will do the job, maybe with a bodge on the fronts where the arm comes up and across. Will fit them prob later in the week (when it stops raining!) and will giv an update then. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144104695120
  8. Just taken delivery of a set of mudflaps, which look as if they go on OK. One question - the front wheelarch has a black plastic liner strip attached to it, just ahead of the doors where it presumablt protects the edge of the wheelarch from wheel-thrown grit This strip is attached via what looks like a couple of plastic rivets. How do I get these out - is it just a case of prising them out, in the same way as interior trim clips? Thanks - Richard
  9. I can't comment on the Active version, but I've been running a 120 Ecoblue ST-Line with manual transmission for the last 3 months or so (buying used you have a restricted market!) and so far have been very pleased with the way the car drives, just need to get used to the slight turbo lag a bit. This happens to some extent even in sport mode. I am comparing it with a Skoda 1.6tdi 90 which was to Euro 5 spec (and not "dieselgate fixed") which was exceptional with strong pulling power right from just above idle with no lag. I suspect that the effect of this turbo lag is more pronounced on the Manual, just need a lower gear sometimes than I'm used to. Having said this I can manouvre the car at slow speeds without having to use the throttle at all, just the clutch and footbrake, which is just what I want. Its a nice motorway/long distance cruiser, engine feels very relaxed and in the right gear in sport mode - well, its as much as I need, and I'm comparing with my MX5 so it must be OK. Economy is on a par with the Skoda, despite the engine having available about 30% more power and torque than the Skoda (VW) unit. Getting used to the electronics and the bits that the car decides you need to do is a pain, but that's modern cars for you. I haven't towed the caravan with it yet though, that will be its next test!
  10. Neither have I, but I've read a lot about it though ...
  11. Would this be the same sound I get on my 2020 ST-Line ecoblue diesel? Sounds like the exhaust is blowing at ower sppeds or under acceleration? (Ford gge says its not leaking)
  12. Hi there - I'm just about to emark on my Sync3 update. Before I do, I just wanted to understand one thing. Does the Sync3 update affect the car's control settings? (the stuff that you would change via ForScan) or is it restricted to only those things that can be controlled/used via the touch screen or voice control (Satnaav, audio etc.). (Just being seeing some 'orrible stuff about bug big map files but that would be a separate question if needed later!) Reason for question? All the articles/posts I've been looking at seem to lump "SyncX" and "Software update" together but I would hope they would be 2 separate things!
  13. I suspect the battery size figures in the %age calculation somewhere so changing it will change the result. Though not having the algorithm to hand, who can tell! Having said that, putting 26 gallonsinto a 52 gallon water tank would give a 50% fill, but telling the calulation that the water tank is 70 gallons would give a smaller %age. Things must be more complex than my poor brain will - or can be bothered to - grasp.
  14. I think I'll wait for Ford's response to my query asking why do I have to keep recharging my battery to keep the stop/start going, when the dealer can find no fault and the car is in daily use with very few short journeys and stop/start usually switched off!
  15. I've been doing a bit of background research (see this thread ) and I'm wondering if battery size, then try it and see, might be an option. The interesting one on one of Varta's pages is the State-Of-Charge chart. Though doing both hand-in-hand would seem to be logical. )
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