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  1. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks will burn rubber gently!
  2. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks will do. I went to local garage (King David) who did service and tyres for £422. Car feels so much better now! Can now finally unpeeled my fingers from steering wheel(!)
  3. Coming back to Ford

    Had call from garage all is okay. Seems that there were tracking issue and has been resolved by the garage. Finger cross no issue with steering wheel. They said that my tyres were the cheapest tyres you could buy :/ now have Goodyear grip performance.
  4. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks for your advice guys, I have booked my car in for full service and tyres replacement tomorrow. I have ordered Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. Have asked them to steering wheel an extra checks as my guts feeling tells me that something is wrong somewhere. Will let you know what's what tomorrow
  5. Steering wheel

    Hi, I brought new Ford Focus 2010 and starting to learn how different it is comapred to golf which I had previously. The only thing I am abit concerned is the steering wheel. Every time I go over hole or unstable road, I can't feel it via steering wheel as well as car. The steering wheel doesn't 'absorb' as it does with golf. Is there anything I should be concerned? Or this is what Ford Focus have? I'm hoping to take it for service should I as the garage to check this out in case?
  6. Coming back to Ford

    Cheers! Will give them a call. There is a local garage who does tyres and service so will give them a ring to compare the price. I know I don't need to go back to Ford. Might be wise for the first time.
  7. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks guys. Seem that I can order 4 premium tyres at ford service. How does it Work? Do I get to pick or they will just put in whatever they got.
  8. Coming back to Ford

    Look like I got HP R 3, N-blue eco, Hexen and something with auto grip written on it
  9. Coming back to Ford

    No this happened at car park and drain cover at my drive! I'm starting to think it might be rubbish tyres. Could be really budget tyres. Another thing to add to buy! Any recommendations?
  10. Coming back to Ford

    Just taken the car for a quick run. Twice I driven over wet pot hole and drain cover and the car skid slightly twice the steering wheel jerked a bit too. This scared the hell out of me. Didn't have this issue with golf. Not sure if I got rubbish tyres or golf have something to prevent this happening?
  11. Coming back to Ford

    I'm confused... there is. 'Evans Halsaw, Days and Ford dealership.. which one should I I go for to have my car service.
  12. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks will arrange it
  13. Coming back to Ford

    Thank you so much! I prefer rubber as I live in South Wales and it is wet most of the time :) it was done by Halford. Can't do the dip test at the moment as it's raining. Will do it when it stop raining. May take it to ford garage (not sure if Evans Halshaw service any good or best to use ford's service unless both are the same for peace of mind.
  14. Coming back to Ford

    Thank you. You all have been really helpful
  15. Coming back to Ford

    Thanks guys... anyone have a link to audio manual as I tried to find it and keep finding the old model. I wanted to see how my partner can connect his iPhone through Bluetooth as it have telephone symbol.