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  1. Idle What would you say problem is by car cutting out.just as I'm about to.stop just cuts out like. U tube video Idle speed control valve.replacment .might stop from cutting.out .
  2. What would you say problem is by car cutting out.just as I'm about to.stop just cuts out like
  3. Many thanks for your help Car cutting out When I go to stop or slow down No reading on the crankshaft Etc however done compression test Cylinder 4 is week Is it fair to say I could Put spoon full of oil.down cylinder 4.was told to try slick 50.oil.car is driving fine other than.that like.engine light is staying of.so no fault s .as my friend cleared with.computer .iv done air test etc all is good.
  4. Tk for reply it says on compression Test tht cylinder 4 is weak .so I'll try put spoon full of oil in the weak sylnder 4 then drive it you think it's best to do compression.test again so . many thanks regards your reply
  5. Tryed plugs leads coil pack Compression test Says cylinder 4 Is little bit weak Car drive s 100% But when I go to stop Or slow down Car sometimes Cuts out 1 tip I got was to put Spoon full of oil Down into cylinder 4 Wonder would Tht help As this problem Is only issue With the car Theirs no engine light on Can anyone please Advice me on the above Problem
  6. Ahh TK for reply true what u said Tryed everything Even swapped All coyle packplugs leads From other 08 focus Still hunting Then done compression test 4 slynder little bit weak cleared all faults with high spec computer Drove on motorway Not hunting as much But when I slow down Car cuts out Apart from tht Driving as new Just fully serviced and T belt and water pump Last week As u said it's cylinder 4 My mechanic Says drive for the weekend See how it goes But he did say might Be head gasket Or the brain Or valve Any way I can sort this Or will I have to replace With 2 ND Engine What u think tk again for reply
  7. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. 2008 ford focus 1.4 petrol hatchback Cylinder 4 Is weak Car cutting out When I go to stop in traffic Code po300
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