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  1. May be a stupid thing to say but have you ever had the fuel filter replaced? I don’t think I’ve heard of it causing it to not start, but I suppose anything is possible.
  2. To be honest I genuinely don’t know. All I know is I’ve seen people replace damaged engines with 2017 engines as they’re updated supposedly 😛
  3. Adblue? I don’t think that should be spraying into the exhaust not the engine.
  4. I may be wrong but didn’t ford update the ecoboom in 2017? I’m pretty sure that version is more reliable. But usually you’ll find in most cases if you service more regularly than ford recommend you won’t have many troubles, as I’ve heard, and if you don’t drive it like a 17 year old boy racer in a McDonald’s car park I very much doubt you’ll have issues that you wouldn’t face in any other modern car ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Coming back to this, looked up how to adjust these properly and they were a smidgen low. I used a guide to adjust correctly and they now look beautiful. I’ll attach some pictures I used a piece of tape on the wall and measured the correct heights and used the correct markings. here is the video I used ~ I applied the same procedures for hid. this is how it looks now, the light shines around 90-95 foot away roughly. this is still adjusted lower than how they were when purchased. I’ll throw up some comparison pictures compared to a 2020 Volvo S60 the cars. and their beam patterns, not the best photo as people actually park on their drives (how dare they :p) but as you can (kinda) see the focuses beam seems to be better than the Volvo :0 so, I’ll admit, the first way I “fixed” the headlights was only a temporary solution and I definitely aimed too low. But this way appears much better and I have checked and not blinding anyone :p.
  6. That probably doesn’t help as the car learns the fuel each time you change it, so if it’s used to something and you swap it may smell petroley as it’s trying to put more fuel through the system to start it (I’d assume)
  7. Are you running E10? I’ve been in a few cars that do this running on E10 along with struggling to start and downright refusing to start.
  8. Apologies for coming back to an old topic, however would the first configuration work for a MK3 focus with the 9 speaker Sony stereo, Sync1.1 APIM and emergency assistance? Thanks!
  9. I haven’t had them checked however I have asked a few people who work and own Garages they all say it looks fine. I’ll admit they way I did it is not exactly perfect and I will be readjusting again by marking the height of the headlamps moving a few feet away and adjusting to suit. However i can reverse the changes at any time and I’m not blinding people by aiming them lower
  10. The MK3 has auto leveling headlights, I’m unsure if over time they slowly stop leveling properly or if they weren’t leveled correctly at factory. But as far as I know this is the only way to level them manually
  11. I have seen many people on this forum (myself included) who have been upset with the poor light output on the road of the mk3 focus bi xenons. so here’s how I fixed it. Previously the lights looked lovely and bright but did nothing on road (apologies for I do not have a beam pattern picture) how to “fix” this issue. under the bonnet of your focus you can find a headlight adjustment that can be turned with an hex key. you can turn the adjustment and watch your headlights go up and down on the wall, I positioned mine further down till they looked somewhat like this. and that’s it nice and simple and I was done. I found the lights projected a much better pattern on the road than they did previously. This isn’t a guide as such but more of a helping hand, I find this much better for the driving I do however you are welcome to adjust yours anyway you see fit. hope this helps!
  12. Hi everyone, I’ve seen on this forum that you can retrofit reverse camera to early MK3 ford focuses I checked the wiring today and I’d like to know if this is the correct thing Here is the connector up close
  13. May be better looking for “xenon” or “bi xenon” rather than adaptive. Seems to bring up more results when I do 👍
  14. I highly doubt you can replace just one to normal non adaptive headlight. It’ll likely require coding. id say 1500 is way too much for these headlights, considering you can get a good used pair on eBay for 300 + say about 200 for a new ballast each side. including bulbs all these parts would come in under 750. I’d say take it somewhere else seems like that garage is trying to do you over 😛
  15. Hi all, i have noticed that the upgraded Sony speaker systems in the mk3 focus is kinda meh and unclear. When I compare it to a Volvo S60 base sound system the Volvo sounds much clearer and seems to have better tweeters. While the focus can sound quite muddy. Wondering if there’s a fix for this? Otherwise new tweeters may go on order.
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