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  1. Happy Birthday pkr!

  2. Top Gear

    I went to one last year around christmas time down in London, absolutely blown away with some of the stuff the RS's can do! No doubt you will enjoy it, take lots of pics!
  3. Oh i see what you mean it's the same for me - iPhone 4/iOS4 fixes this but still comes up as a little play icon in the top right of your phone until you select AUX
  4. I can confirm that Iphone4 still has this problem - a little bit of an annoyance but it isnt drastic, car is autoset to radio when i turn it on anyway so unless i switch to AUX i cant actually hear it playing from my phone. There must be a fix though, surely?
  5. Changing To Reverse In Mk 7 Zs

    i think this is the case with 99% of the 5 gear ford gearboxes. I have the same issue and also was apparent in my old ford ka - the solution i find is to double dip the clutch if you feel the resistance when nearing reverse gear, often putting it back into neutral and pressing the clutch back down then trying again to put it into reverse solves the problem; can still give a hefty clunk though! I know it isn't a fix but i hope it helps :) Ryan
  6. First Service

    This isn't filling me with confidence for my first service on 30/11/2010! Im sure you could potentially fix isssue 1,3 & 5 by looking into it as i'd imagine garages will have your eyes out. As for the stone chipping i have a ridiculous amount of stone chips mostly on the bonnet of my car. It's a 59reg white zetec s with 4.5k miles - surely this shouldn't be this bad for both of us? I head mudflaps help prevent the pickup from your wheels scattering your doors? Ryan
  7. How Low Can You Go?

    he's sitting 70mm off the ground?
  8. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    59 plate tdci zetec s just creeped over 4k miles & averaging around 54mph, if im very careful like i was when i took my girlfriend home just then i got a return of 64mpg after resetting the trip. only had the car since tuesday and im more than happy with this return!
  9. I've been keeping an eye on the forum for a while with the full intention of buying a Zetec S Fiesta. Well, im happy to say that i went and bought one on friday from Ford Direct - 59 plate white Zetec S with all optional extras due for pickup on tuesday! (Due to stupid bank holiday monday ) Honestly im so excited! Bearing in mind my previous car was a 1997 Ford Ka i got off my Grandad as my first car, & i've just turned 18.. Any tips on the first things to check out? Cheers in advance & ill post pics! Ryan
  10. Squeaky Noise After High Speed

    If you dont drive too much between the hours of 11pm-5am then try a company called I-kube - they're worth a ring!
  11. Badboy Bonnets?

    hmm. i'd have to see it done first :)
  12. Passed My Driving Test

    Thats weird i got the same thing! being in 3rd gear in a petrol in a 30 so i got one for non eco driving. Congrats on the test though mate, it is pretty frustrating until it's out of the way
  13. Passed My Driving Test

    1 minor - so close! :(
  14. 3/5/10 Meet Photos

    Fancy towing from newcastle & im game! haha :')
  15. 3/5/10 Meet Photos

    haha! looks like the day turned out alright - nice pics! :P