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    looking for mark 6 fiesta
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  2. Help With Fiesta Models

    Ok thanks very much. In that case I would like as sporty looking as I can without insurance too high, so not the zetec s or zetec st. I would also like a cd player and radio, other then that what model would everyone recommend me? Thanks for all help recieved so far!
  3. Help With Fiesta Models

    Thanks very much, so they all look the same, except the mark 6.5, but they just come with different extras? Why does having air con increase insurance? What is the difference between a zetec engine and not a zetec engine. I am probably looking at getting a 1.4, how much would I be expecting to pay for insurance as a 17 year old just passed test? Thanks again, really appreciate the help.
  4. Help With Fiesta Models

    Hi, I am looking at buying a mark 6 fiesta. I am looking to get a zetec as i think it looks nice, but can anyone explain to me what the zetec is? Also what is the difference between the styles eg climate, style, flame etc? Many thanks and look forward to your replies.