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  1. Power Folding Mirrors

    if you got 4 wires you may find the two relay in the fuse box for the folding mirror.... and the 2 extra wire to the Blue connector on your body control module
  2. Power Folding Mirrors

    Sorry but I can not do it for you I have no time.... Monday-Friday working away around in the UK, and the weekend i love to enjoy it with my family
  3. Power Folding Mirrors

    Sorry... any other way? why I can just upload here???? :(
  4. Power Folding Mirrors

    first need to check the wirring... we after the midle green connector.... if you have the same like this, you will need extra 2 wire to the passanger side and 4 for the driver side...
  5. Power Folding Mirrors

    Im away at the moment, back home on sat... i can send you some pics and guide...
  6. Power Folding Mirrors

    I did on my one 2009
  7. Now I have the screen on and GPS running with TMC, but the screen come on only with the on/off button and turns off after 30-40mins...
  8. Hi! any one know all pinouts from the FCDIM ? Thanks!
  9. Retro Fitting Cruise Control

    I guess yes, I did on my Fiesta. You will need a cruise control steering wheel (ebay) and some one with IDS VCM to change your as Built data...
  10. 17" Tyre Size

    with those tyres your car speedo will show less speed than what you are actually going... ;)