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  1. Need Help With My Si

    i have a 1995 1.6 zetec si and ive fitted 2.0 litre cams and throttle body and mass aif flow sensor but i havent fitted the engine and tryed it yet i just wanted to know if anyone can help as to what else ill need to do to make it run or will it run alright with the setup ive got
  2. i have a ford fiesta 1.6 zetec i recently put a pipercross venom induction kit on it and its blown 2 air flow meters it runs ok with out it but i dunno if it will effect it longterm does anyone have any ideas why and how i can sort it out any replys would be great with many thanks dhani
  3. Im New Here

    hello fellow ford owners i have a fiesta mk 3 1.1 with a fiesta si 1.6 zetec conversion did all he work myself it needs painting and a new set of wheels but apart from that its finished i havent had the chance to drive it yet as im not yet legal :( which is a shame but hopefull it will be worth it anyone wanna say hi drop me some words