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  1. When checking the air filter today I found that there is a sponge on the side of the enclosure. At the bottom of it there was some oil. Apparently the sponge is used to soak the oil. I have attached some pictures for illustration. Does anybody know the purpose of having the oil and sponge in the air filter enclosure.
  2. Hc And Co Values Very High From Mot Emission Test

    Outside temperature was -1
  3. Hc And Co Values Very High From Mot Emission Test

    The car had an oil and oil filter change two weeks prior to Mot test I did not take the car out for a blast before mot as suggested by James_60 The test was done last Thursday at 0800 and the outside temperature was reading -1.
  4. Hi All, I have just returned from the MOT test centre and my ford focus passed the test. However when I looked closely at the emission test result, I was somewhat shocked. It almost failed and the emission deteriorated during the course of the year. The table below shows the emission over the last few years Age Year CO HC Lambda Natural Idle Test / CO 3 2010 0 7 1.01 0.01 4 2011 0.01 1 1 0.01 5 2012 0.01 10 1 0.01 6 2013 0.198 165 0.985 0.231 The emission got a lot worse from 2012 to 2013. Does anybody know what could cause that?
  5. Ford Service History

    ndsussex is right, it is a mazda engine. i live and work in South London, i drive 9 miles everyday in town. The trip computer says my average speed is 11 mph. I get roughly 25mpg from it. If i were to drive a longer distance to work i will get a better mpg: by the time i reached work (4.5 miles away) the car has just reached optimal operating temperature.
  6. My Mk2 Focus

    they may not give as much light as the conventional headlight, but they are much better looking !! As a matter of fact, when I purchased the vehicle (2nd hand from Dees), i was offered the option of changing the lights to the conventional ones. I declined.
  7. My Mk2 Focus

    The light intensity is rather disappointing. I did not open to check the rating of the bulbs. My wife's micra K11 gives better light, i am serious. Should you find a decent bulb, can you let me know?
  8. My Mk2 Focus

    et voila !!
  9. Recomended Mechanic/garage South East London?

    http://www.autocar-repairs.co.uk/index.htm i have used them once. the were good. the price they quote is the same as that as the dealership.
  10. Mot And Service At Dees Of Croydon

    yes, the book is stamped. The front wiper blades have ford written at one end. They are very good, wipes the screen clean.
  11. My Mk2 Focus

    i have got the same projector headlight. The headlight levelling does not work either. I have got plastic halen keys instead under the bonnet. i have never adjusted them though.
  12. Hi All, i just got my car serviced at the dealership on Friday. They charged me £200. They change the oil and filter, did a health check on the car and replaced all wipers (x3) and the rear indicators and did the MOT. The car passed with no advisory. I also got a courtesy car for a day (61 reg ford Ka with start/stop) What do you think of the price? I am sure there is nothing wrong with the wipers nor the indicators. They say the indicators have started to show white light (the orange film on the bulb have started to disintegrate) which is a MOT fail and the wipers were smearing (I swear they don't). what do you think on that?
  13. My Mk2 Focus

    Hi, like the look of the car !! regarding your projector headlight that you have fitted, does the up / down function work? I mean when you load the boot of the vehicle
  14. Mpg For A 1800 Zetec

    Yes, i have to agree with many of you: 24-25 mpg around town. i do a lot of that. 30-34 mixed driving. it takes light years to achieve 40mpg. i achieved 41mpg on my way down to Marseille
  15. Hi All, I want to know whether anybody has been faced with similar problem: My car (whose description is on the left) has difficulty starting after i stalled it. I do not stall very often but when i do, it has trouble starting. The car starts fine every morning even today when the dash temp says 3 deg C.