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    I have a Ford Fusion durashift that; from stationary 'loses' the selected gear intermittantly... It can happen when sitting in Neutral & knock accross to 1st into Auto/or not, the gear selected display goes blank & if you tread on the accelerator - it will rev, but not move forward. - :o Panic to neutral, back to 1st, back to neutral, in reverse, back to 1st, wait to be rear ended & time passes, :o eventually the display shows the selected gear & you may now move off... I've also tried staying in Auto; same problem Staying in 'Manual';same problem - I took it to the local garage & they need to see it in the 'bad' state - I have no idea how to get it back into this state - The Ford garage are not available to look at it for a couple of days, but commitments to pay for rectification hinder their/my availability Has anyone else suffered anything similar ? Has Jimthefish resolved his issue ?