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  1. Fitting New Front Grille Badge Any Ideas?

    Thanks Sandycat, after reading your instruction to the OP, I decided to buy one off Fleebay and change the wife's. I've been trying to work out for ages how to change it, but with your advice it worked a treat, cheers buddy
  2. Odometer Resetting

    Every couple or so times I start the car (2004 StreetKa), the odometer (trip meter) resets itself but still retains the car's total mileage. I changed the battery 4 months ago or so and this is the only electrical fault I'm having....any ideas anyone?
  3. Streetka

    Thanks from me also Mark. After reading Will's post yesterday I went to the missus car and looked for the central fuse box so I could advise Will. I couldn't find it myself so for future reference, thanks. There is no mention of it even in the Ford workshop dvd manual I have either.
  4. Help

    change the pollen filter, this can help.
  5. Engine Smell

    Not wanting to sound alarmist, but exhaust fumes/carbon monoxide is a killer. There was something on t.v. the other day about a power boat race and fumes leaked into the cockpit, knocking the pilot unconscious nearly killing him and his co-pilot. Keep us posted with your findings.
  6. Ford Meet

    For those of you who don't know, there is a Ford 'meet', so anyone with a Ka or StreetKa (such as myself)is free to pop along to meet others there. It is this Sunday 20th February 2011 at 2pm at: The Old Post Office pub 600 Huddersfield Road Haigh Barnsley S75 4DE
  7. New Owner

    As Nick said, a couple of niggles but then again the cars are around 5-7 years old now so its to be expected. Mpg is spot on with what my missus has got..2004 Green StreetKa, same as what Nick said. We had the alternator done a few months back and it cost us about £170 fully fitted. Dashboard lights are a green-ish colour. I just fitted some after burner lights to the rear on her car and they have made it a little more unique. I have also fitted some blue neons in the footwells for a nice glow at night-time, dead easy to fit. Again, same as what Nick said, no leaks as such, just the odd dribble when its washed. Here in Oldham last weekend we had torrential rain for almost 36 hours and not a drop made it inside. In the manual, Ford says they cannot guarantee water-proof of the hood, but you'll be fine I'm sure. Don't think you'll sit there getting wet when it rains, its unlikely from our experience. Just bear in mind that they're not the cheapest car to run with the tax, oh...and get an insurance quote first, I think you'll be sadly surprised as they seem expensive to insure, as well as run with the cost of fuel. This is our 2nd car really just for summer and when its hot and you have the roof down, this is when this little car comes into its own. Enjoy it if you buy one, there's plenty out there with low mileage. Have a look at a few though like we did as the first one went to look at, the leather seats were badly worn. But on the one we bought its immaculate.
  8. Noisy Brake Pedal

    apologies..just noticed...doh!
  9. Noisy Brake Pedal

    No noise heard like that from the missus' 2004 StreetKa. Hope you get it sorted mate.
  10. Streetka - Indicator & Horn Problems

    Leah, I sent you a private message a day or two ago on this forum in case you haven't read it...Graham
  11. Streetka - Indicator & Horn Problems

    Hi Leah...don't quote me on this, but I suspect its your multifunction switch rather than a relay. See here so you know what I'm talking about http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ford-Multifunction-Switch-Ka-Puma/dp/B003AQWLZS However, this one will probably NOT fit the StreetKa, so have a word with a mechanic for a second opinion, but at least you know what I'm on about when I say multifunction switch.. This would be my first port of call. If you can get in touch with someone local to you in the Staffs area who may be able to swap theirs onto yours to see if this is the problem then this may be a start before you go and spend daft money if it isn't this switch after all. So if anyone out there can help Leah, drop her a line before she gets her hard earned cash out.
  12. Ford Ka Audio System Key Code

    On the off chance the code is wrong, post your message including radio serial code on the following forum and someone will find the correct code for you...good luck http://www.unlockforum.com/showthread.php/12810-Ford-unlock-code/page4
  13. Streetka - Urgently Need 16" Alloy

    or here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-streetKa-alloys-/220722133985?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Rims_Car_Wheels_ET&hash=item3364107be1#ht_500wt_1156
  14. Streetka Rear Light Problem

    Just bought my wife these babies for her StreetKa. Not cheap at £225 a set, plus the cost of having them sprayed up in your choice of colour (ours cost £60), but your car will look stunning. http://www.quadconversions.com/ka-body-styling-kit/streetka_afterburner_lights.htm
  15. Split Hood Rear Window Streetka

    I've found this company for you if its any help... http://www.surreycarinteriors.co.uk/plastic-rear-window.html