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  1. Clamping Question?

    if it is a public road they cant touch your car dude if they do u can take them to court for damages it is a public road and you pay your road tax, it is agents the law for them to do it becoz the only ppl who can claimp on a public road is the local govement but there has to be signs up everywere and thgen they can only do it if your are in a permit area, yellow lines, keep clear or a set of red lines it is not agents the law for you to block a driveway if there is no car on the drive the police will do nothink if the person who owns the drive calls them they wont even come out good luck dude
  2. Why Is My Focus Hunting?

    just a few thing i had with my brothers car when it was doing the same it took me 3months at looking at the car and then i clocked on what it was 1)have you changed the throttle body on the car if not take the air intake hose (the bit from air box to engin)off it and have a look when the car is running see if it is letting air in if it has been changed it could be the wrong one just a few things to look at be4 you change anything that costs to much
  3. Help Please

    my mate is having big probs with his st170 it keeps coming up with the eng mangament light in orange he has took it to a ford dealers near us like a twit and they have put it on the computer and said his Inlet Manifold Runner Control is nackard they want £300 for the part and 3hrs to fit it i know the for d place near me is a rip off so i was just thinking if i get a patten part i could fit it but i ant got a clue were it would be on his car so if anyone else has had this problam aswell could you just drop me a message on were i would be able to find the part on the car and would it be easy to do i do a far bit of work on cars but never had to change a Inlet Manifold Runner Control be4 thanks for your help guys
  4. Rubbish Pull Away

    Cool cool just went out and got some more and going to try that
  5. Rubbish Pull Away

    That's ok mate I was joking around I took the batt wire off and left it for about 30 min still doing it would it matter if one of the plugs had a crack in the shramic part (white bit on the leads end) soz about the spelling
  6. Rubbish Pull Away

    cool cool i will do that tomoz going to change the fule filter aswell tomoz thanks for all ya help it has worked so far
  7. Rubbish Pull Away

    fords love to say things dont need changing for 100k ie cam belts plugs water in the rad the coil pack is only about two years old coz when i got the car it went as i was driving it home from fords unlucky or what i might have a look in to that then thinking of it when the last one when it was like that the old plugs i took out was well bad
  8. Rubbish Pull Away

    sorry catch ford focus 1.6 zet eng 3 door black 03 reg petrol manual regs DMR i have changed the air filter and now i have changed the plugs and leads, i has made it alot better on the pull aways now thanks but got one little prob now it have a little judder when i put my foot down it feels like it is missing would this be becoz the plugs and leads are new thanks spikeymj
  9. Rubbish Pull Away

    i changed the clutch not that long ago got a new one from fords and put it in, the coil pack is about a year old now i would say i have not changed the plugs or leads since i have had it so i will change them and the fuel filter, i have no codes coming up yet so i would say that is a good thing i think i will give the maf a clean out aswell thanks
  10. 1.6 Zetec Grey Smoke

    Steve I have got a 1.6 on an 03 reg and I have not put any oil in mine for about five/ six months and it has about 86000 on it (going good) and the same with me brothers focus, I would take a put luck by saying if ya loosing water aswell get ya head gas checked, it will most prob be one of ya seals, my cuz (ford mac) moaned at me last time I took it to him for a check when he asked me if I cane it I told him ya abit but not a lot and he said u will just blow seals if u keep doing it Good luck
  11. Rubbish Pull Away

    I have had my focus for about two years now I do an oil change on it every six months and I have changed my air filter but I can work out what is doing it everything is still standard under the hood Can anyone help please
  12. hi can some one plz help me i have changed my radio and i have the cables on the back of the radio for the stork but i cant find anywere on the net what wires are what numbers if any one knows plz help this is on a 03 focus 1.6 there is a pic coz you know how fords love to muck ppl up thanks spikeymj