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  1. hello, i use to own a focus 1.8 mp3 2003 and i had problems with the gearbox, my local ford garage said it was the input shaft bearing, and im looking to get another focus but its the 2.0 zetec, do they use the same gearbox as the 1.8 also is there usually a problem with these gearboxes or not thanks tony
  2. Focus 1.8 Petrol Clutch Problems

    And it just made that knocking noise yesterday so recorded it on my phone so gonna ring my local ford garage up so they can hear the noise that its making
  3. Focus 1.8 Petrol Clutch Problems

    Come to think of it does sound more like a whiney rattly noise thanks for your help mate
  4. Focus 1.8 Petrol Clutch Problems

    Hello, i havent heard that knocking noise for a while now so im hoping its gone but the clutch release bearing is still slightly rattling is that normal? cause it was rattling when i got the car back
  5. Focus 1.8 Petrol Clutch Problems

    thanks very much, i didnt pay for it as i got it done under warranty, i really do think they took the gearbox off the second time casue the clutch was really light cause they had to replace the release bearing again and the pressure plate. Thing is i dont think they will be fobing me off though because they are giving me a courtsey car and i had that for a week Do you have any rough ideas to wat it might be? Also should a brand new clutch release bearing rattle slightly or not? Cause mine does and even the first time when they put one in it did the same then it started knocking like it has done this time but no where near as much now last time i heard the knocking noise was sunday havent heard it since
  6. hello i have a focus 1.8 Mp3 2003, in january i took my car to ford because the clutch release bearing was rattling so at the same while it was in the work shop they replaced the clutch, I got the car back to find the clutch release bearing was just slightly rattling but just thought thats how they were, then the next day i pulled up with the car still running got out of the car and noticed it was making like a knocking sound had abit of a rumble to it as well but it dissapered once you pressed the clutch pedal (bearing in mind that the car had only just been started and driven half a mile) So i rang my local ford dealer and took the car back and they replaced the pressure plate and the clucth release bearing again. Just got the car back the other day exact same thing again it was making that noise Can any one tell me what the problem might be because i dont think the ford garage know Thanks Tony